About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... Losing my sense of "self" through service is what inspires me to dig deeper and serve more. The people in this space, through their incredible acts of service, are a huge source of inspiration for my own service journey!

A good day to me is when ... I can touch someone's life, in some small way, and make them smile from within :)

My hero in life is ...All the people around the world doing small acts of goodness, right where they are right now. Because ultimately, it is these small acts that together will change the world.

My favorite book is ...Journey books like Siddhartha and Tuesdays with Morrie, Books on raising mindful children like Raising Happiness and books about going within like The Power of Now

One thing I'm grateful for is ... When I can tap into that place, deep inside of me, from which I can do things with a pure heart.

Kindful Kids: Nurturing A Lifelong Bond Between

Apr 29, 2017, 1 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Nurturing a Lifelong Bond Between Siblings. Take a look."There may be no relationship that is closer, finer, harder, sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy or fraught with woe than the relationship we have with our brothers and sisters." --Jeffrey Kruger

Kindful Kids: The Law Of Love And Children

Apr 22, 2017, 1 comments, 4 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on The Law of Love and Children. Take a look."The law of Love can be best understood through little children" - M.K. Gandhi

Kindful Kids: Mindfulness For Teens

Apr 15, 2017, 2 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Mindfulness for Teens. Take a look."Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor." --Thich Nhat Hanh

Kindful Kids: Raising A Child With Integrity

Apr 08, 2017, 4 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Raising A Child With Integrity. Take a look."Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." -- C.S. Lewis

Kindful Kids: Fairy Tales Are More Than Entertainment

Apr 01, 2017, 1 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Fairy Tales Are More Than Entertainment. Take a look."Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all." - Hans Christian Anderson

Kindful Kids: Zen And The Art Of Family Maintenance

Mar 25, 2017, 1 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Zen and the Art of Family Maintenance. Take a look."If you can pay attention to somebody, without being carried away by your thoughts, that's an expression of love. Only when you love somebody can you do that." -- Haemin Sunim

Karma Kitchen London: Being The Love We Wish To See

Mar 24, 2017, 3 comments, 14 smiles On Monday evening in London, while most people were winding down from a busy long day, over 100 people came together to step it up and do something quite different -- to be part of a circle of giving at a volunteer-run pay-it-forward restaurant, Karma Kitchen!  We hosted our second ever Karma Kitchen again on International Day of Happiness to share the Love with Londoners and it was an evening filled with abundant joy, inspiration, kindness, community and Love! We were warmly invited back to host Karma Kitchen at London's first "Happy Cafe", The Canvas Cafe, by the owner Ruth, who has also attended Awakin Circles since our first Karma Kitchen :).  As she loves the values and intentions behind Karma Kitchen, she thought it would be a wonderful way to bring community together to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.  Seeds were planted just three weeks before this experiment unfolded ... Read Full Story

Kindful Kids: Encouraging A Positive Attitude

Mar 11, 2017, 5 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on Encouraging A Positive Attitude. Take a look."Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." -- Winston S. Churchill

Kindful Kids: How To Teach Your Kids About Tolerance

Mar 04, 2017, 1 comments, 3 smiles This week's 'Kindful Kids' newsletter is on How To Teach Your Kids About Tolerance. Take a look."Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you." --Robert Fulghum

Karma Kitchen Pop-Up Coming To London On March 20th!

Mar 02, 2017, 3 comments, 10 smiles   Last year London welcomed it's first Karma Kitchen experiment on the International Day of Happiness, which turned out to be a really inspiring experience both for the diners who experienced generosity on the menu and in the hearts of the 8-person volunteer crew who experienced "love in action" as they served unconditionally.  This year, we've teamed up and put our hearts together with Ruth, the owner of The Canvas Cafe (London's first Happy Cafe!) who has also attended Awakin Circles this past year, once again to host another pop-up Karma Kitchen on the International Day of Happiness, Monday March 20th.  We know many folks in the ServiceSpace community know others in London who might like to come along that evening and experience "growing in generosity" first-hand, so please do feel free to share the invitation below with them. You're all invited to join in at Karma Kitchen at The Canvas ... Read Full Story