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CFSites is a user-friendly tool that enables people involved in good work to create custom websites at no charge. It was created with the simple intention of 'Helping Others Help Others' (The original tagline of ServiceSpace).

In 1999, ServiceSpace (then named CharityFocus) began its odyssey as an all-volunteer run organization dedicated to small acts of generosity. The initial vision for it was to organize volunteers to build free websites for small nonprofits. Over the years it has delighted hundreds of organizations with the gift of beautiful, custom websites. As technology advanced, CFSites was developed as a tool to enable non-profits to create and maintain their own simple websites. Given that the cost of web hosting can be too expensive for many small nonprofits, CFSites offers a convenient alternative. Within a couple of hours, any cause can have a website up and running to help create more awareness about its program.

How Can I USe It

Build Your Own Website for a non-profit or a favorite cause. It's user-friendly, free and requires zero technical skills.

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What Our Users Have to Say

"As a new nonprofit with limited resources, Peace Learning Circles has been able to put what money we do have into direct programming for the children in our communities. If we had to pay for the service we receive, I cringe when I think of the number of children that we would have turned away. We started with 3 classes and about 90 participants during the 2006 school year. This year, we have 75 classes participating - nearly 5000 students since we started. Awareness through the website has been a vital part of our success." --Sue Hallow

"Schools Without Walls is a non-formal education system where there is no teacher. We are located in remote village in India, but with help of CFSites we have reached globally. We were offered help by few web designers to develop free website for us. But that was not what we were looking for, as we would have never updated the site frequently like we do today. CFSite is very user friendly, our students, from various orphan centers who had never touched a computer previously, update it very easily." --Sachin Desai