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ProPoor.org is an internet portal that provides information, resources, and news about development work in South Asia. It links nonprofits across South Asia to facilitate exchange of experiences, systems, administrative best-practices, resources and other valuable information.

Established in 1998, ProPoor has been committed to the dissemination of information, in response to the needs of under-represented and marginalized sectors of society in the South Asia. The website contains a database of over 14,000 nonprofits across South Asia. It allows users to identify NGOs by name, region, or area of focus, enables benefactors to find projects to support and opens lines of communication among charitable organizations. In addition, ProPoor serves as a hub for developmental-related news to its over 30,000 subscribers.

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What Our Users Have to Say

"ProPoor is essentially the place to make any announcement to the sector, I send all NGOs there, and I know many other NGOs who rely on that feed." --Pushpa

"Far too often, we don't use technology in service of those who most need it. We need portals like ProPoor to help change the trend!"