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KindSpring.org is a platform dedicated to fostering and celebrating small acts of kindness around the world. Its users sign in to post stories about uplifting anonymous acts they have carried out and to read about what others have done. The idea behind it is that simple and today over 14,000 members from all over the world have posted stories in a heartwarming repository that is growing by the day.

It all started in 2003 when a young college student considered what the tradition of hazing would look like, if it were flipped on its head. What if in place of scheming up practical jokes to humiliate others, people started playing kindness pranks instead- just to put a smile on someone's face? He posed the question to a small group of friends and the idea for Smile Cards was born that same night. Designed to fit into a wallet or back pocket, these fun little cards serve as the perfect excuse to make someone's day and can be ordered directly off the website. Each one is printed with the word Smile, and a simple note to inform the recipient that they've been "tagged" by an anonymous act of kindness and are invited to pay-it-forward by doing something kind for someone else. Taggers and recipients can both share their experience on the KindSpring site. Today there are over half a million Smile Cards in circulation around the globe and over 20,000 Smile Stories on the website.

KindSpring is run by an incredible team of close to fifty volunteers, who do everything from printing address labels, stuffing envelopes, and shipping out Smile Card orders, to editing Smile stories, responding to new members, and producing a weekly newsletter. All these services are run on a commercial free platform, and offered at no charge straight from the heart.

KindSpring currently has 42,394+ Members worldwide.

How Can I USe It

Order a Set of Smile Cards and engage in some guerilla kindness in your neighborhood!

Post Your Own Stories! Become a member of Smile Groups, inspire others and be inspired by sharing your adventures in anonymous kindness.

Encourage Other Kindness Agents: Read other people's stories and leave a comment or a smile on stories that inspire you.

Visit www.kindspring.org

What Our Users Have to Say

"My oldest son was assigned a project on kindness for school. I was trying to help him understand what REAL kindness is all about. So I Goggled "acts of kindness" & this website came up. Before I knew it I realized that I had been reading & crying:) for about 30 min. (tears of joy of course). I felt obligated to share it with everyone I knew. Especially this time of year when we all get wrapped up in shopping & all that "Christmas Joy". We tend to forget what it's really all about. Just take a few minutes, read a few stories, I promise it will make your heart smile:) LOT'S OF LOVE!!!!!" --Shannon

"I'm a 57 yr. old great-grandmother & have psoriatic arthritis for which I take a lot of pain medications. KindSpring has been a God-send for me. I recalled the first set of smile cards I received and how happy that envelope made me. I decided I'd like to help out so I signed up." -- Linda

"I've been reading stories on the site for a few months now and finally decided I should join! Why? To hold myself to a commitment. There are opportunities everywhere and with everyone we see to spread kindness. I joined this site so I could participate more fully in what you all are doing so wonderfully already and make myself more aware of the times when I become too self-centered, the times when I need others the most. The best I can give is myself-- whether a helping hand, patience, or even a smile. So I start today, with this in mind, and can't wait to get to know y'all better and keep up my personal commitment by finding ways to spread kindness." --parisfille

"I have been reading various stories on this site for 6 months and I must say that you guys... have shown me a different perspective on life. a life full of compassion and love. During my lunch time, everyday, I make it a point to read at least 2 stories from here. I must say each story makes me think of the person I am and the person I can be. You have inspired me a lot... and this 'a lot' really means a lot..." --Nehu