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Team Blog

The Giving StumpA recent poetic reflection on 'The Giving Tree'... THE GIVING STUMP (Sequel to The Giving Tree) At the end of the day the giving tree had given her last leaf to a girl ...
Jon Madian on Mar 23, 2018

London Update: April Gatherings April 2018 - Upcoming London Gatherings "Ubuntu speaks of the very essence of being human.... you are generous, you are hospitable, you are friendly and caring and compassionate. You share ...
Trishna Shah on Mar 23, 2018

Bayarea: This Weekend (+ Istanbul To India To Israel)A few local events, photos and stories from the Bayarea ... Tomorrow, Sam and Ari are anchoring Gardening at Banyan Grove for the hands people among you! In virtual space, Anne and Rajesh are ...
ServiceSpace on Mar 23, 2018

A Visit To Auroville... Recently I visited Auroville, a town dedicated to explore a more integral human development, a town that honors arts, generosity, inner progress, sustainability, intercultural respect, ...
Joserra Gonzales on Mar 23, 2018

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ServiceSpace 47 hours agoAnne Veh & Rajesh Krishnan: When Animals Are Our Healers - This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Anne Veh & Rajesh Krishn… [more]

ServiceSpace 71 hours agoSupermarkets, Singing, Sufism & Sobbing Strangers - I had the tremendous honour of being asked to be one of the ope… [more]

ServiceSpace 95 hours agoRT @FandMCollege: F&M senior Sophie Wu has organized this week's #CommonHour and other events with Nipun Mehta, who will offer his insights…

ServiceSpace 119 hours agoThe Difficult People In Your Life - This week's Awakin reading is by Sally Kempton titled 'The Difficult People In… [more]

ServiceSpace 167 hours agoAngels of Hope Amongst Us - This is part 2 of my story meeting Joshua as I wrote about in Revolutionary Amongst at… [more]

ServiceSpace 215 hours agoThe Present of Standing Still - The days that I don’t know If I am coming or going Are the easiest For gifting myse… [more]

ServiceSpace 239 hours agoPay-It-Forward Examples? - Hi, I have been disconnected from ServiceSpace since I moved out of the Bay Area, but I… [more]

Featured Articles

Paths Are Made by Walking
Talk at UPenn graduation, that has now spread virally worldwide.

Designing For Generosity
An 18-minute Ted Talk overview of our work.

What is a Gift Economy?
Former editor of CS Monitor, Paul reflects on building a gift culture.

Would @Gandhi Use Social Media?
Nipun's recent talk at the UN.

Becoming a Presence Activist
Viral shares nuances of including awareness in the work of social change.

Five Reasons to Serve
An articulation of our flavor of volunteering where inner and outer change are fundamentally intertwined. Also see this video.

Ripple Effect of Kindness
If you got upgraded to first-class, would you trade seats with someone in economy?

Generosity 2.0
What happens when ancient values meet modern technology? A new kind of revolution.

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