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Team Blog

A Karma Kitchen Experiment In NYC!Living in NYC, people tend to be in a bubble of isolation. New Yorkers have a reputation for an individualistic drive and not having an open heart. There's a layer of thickness they feel ...
Ebony Gustave on Jun 21, 2018

Sacred Imperfection, A Talk By Bonnie Rose[Below is the transcript of a talk that Rev. Bonnie Rose delivered at our Awakin Circle in Santa Clara last night.] I think I am going to speak about 'Sacred Imperfection' today. I was ...
Anuj Pandey on Jun 21, 2018

Nicholas Winton: Father Of 669Greta Winton was surprised and confused when she uncovered a scrapbook containing the names of 669 children. Her husband, Nicholas Winton, had kept this book in their attic for 50 years. Nine ...
DailyGood.org on Jun 21, 2018

Embodied Connection Of Being HeldAfter a specially powerful opening of the Santa Clara Awakin circle with a new sister sharing her journey of being held by strangers, we listened to each other in the circle of sharing. As usual, ...
Jyoti on Jun 20, 2018

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ServiceSpace 85 hours agoRT @joncallegher: Congratulations @servicespace @connectthu and @buildingrootsto on the inaugural #karmakitchenpicnic at the #mossparkmarke…

ServiceSpace 85 hours agoRT @FashDami: If everyone can share their gifts, we will discover new forms of value - Nipun Mehta via @servicespace

ServiceSpace 109 hours agoRT @joncallegher: Congratulations @servicespace @connectthu and @buildingrootsto on the inaugural #karmakitchenpicnic at the #mossparkmarke…

ServiceSpace 109 hours agoRT @MrHuynh9: Supporting @servicespace #karmakitchen #toronto this PM for a pay-it-forward picnic. If you’re in the Moss Park neighbourhood…

ServiceSpace 397 hours agoOur talk at "Creating the Future" with 500 investment bankers in London: [more] Thanks… [more]

ServiceSpace 469 hours agoRT @sonarthekdi: "Surrender isn't a sacrifice of the known, but rather a celebration of the infinite." - Nipun Mehta. Beautiful Friday eve…

ServiceSpace 1357 hours agoRT @TheKindnessClub: Last night we had the pleasure of sitting in Circle with Nipun Mehta, who today has introduced us to @Kind_Spring: htt…

Featured Articles

Paths Are Made by Walking
Talk at UPenn graduation, that has now spread virally worldwide.

Designing For Generosity
An 18-minute Ted Talk overview of our work.

What is a Gift Economy?
Former editor of CS Monitor, Paul reflects on building a gift culture.

Would @Gandhi Use Social Media?
Nipun's recent talk at the UN.

Becoming a Presence Activist
Viral shares nuances of including awareness in the work of social change.

Five Reasons to Serve
An articulation of our flavor of volunteering where inner and outer change are fundamentally intertwined. Also see this video.

Ripple Effect of Kindness
If you got upgraded to first-class, would you trade seats with someone in economy?

Generosity 2.0
What happens when ancient values meet modern technology? A new kind of revolution.

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