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DailyGoodThe Sacred Ordinary in HealthcareSacred acts. This is how Dr. Venu Julapalli would describe the seemingly mundane, at times unglamorous, services performed by a team of caregivers looking after his mother who, after the sudden rupture of an aneurysm in her brain, was largely unable to care for herself. These caregivers saw the human behind the hospital gown, and treated their patient with the tenderness and compassion a loving family member would. In this heartwarming letter of gratitude, Dr. Julapalli reflects on the humanity he witnessed, and the often overlooked acts that bear as much importance as those which save lives. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness

Unexpected Hospitality When We Were Stranded, swapnagupta443
Mar 14 -- Many years ago, when we first went to Canada, we were driving through Montana to Colorado with our two children, ... Full Story

Making a Picnic Out of An Accident, raelyn_rogue
Mar 13 -- On my way back home I was stopped at a traffic light by some people who asked for help. A woman – in her ... Full Story

Small Acts

"heading to help seniors navigate the world of electronics on this randomly snowy day πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•" janfour, Mar 19

"A few packages of kindness seeds to β€œplant” as ROAKs as we journey overnight to attend the celebration of life service for husband’s cousin. Blessings of comfort for those who grieve ❀️ ," mindyjourney, Mar 19

"View across from our hotel. I feel so blessed to be here. Xxxx " Helenconnell2, Mar 14

""Peace emerges from the unconditional love we share." The Love Foundation. Happy Day everyone! :)))" patjos, Mar 19

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When having a conversation, how much are we truly listening? Often, we listen with the intent to reply, not to understand, says Celeste Headlee, writer and radio host. Wisdom abounds on how to appear engaged, but little of it focuses on how to actually take in what the other person is saying. In this insightful TED talk, Headlee shares 10 practical tips on how to have better conversations, from keeping it brief to going with the flow. According to Headlee, even if you just pick one to master, your conversations will begin to improve dramatically. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image The Difficult People In Your Life, by Sally Kempton
We don’t always know why difficult people show up in our lives. There are some good theories about it, of course.  Jungians, along with most contemporary spiritual teachers, tell us that ALL the people in our lives are mirroring what’s inside us, and that once we clear our minds... Read more on

image Kitchen Teachings: Conversation with Cherri Farrell, by Richard Whittaker
Cherri Farrell teaches consumer and family science, a subject that used to be called home economics. She teaches at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill, California. Her curriculum is devoted largely to cooking and nutrition and it's also. Read More on

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If you make time for silence, the sacred will unfold. Rod Stryker

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