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DailyGoodOur Tenuous Boundaries: A Life in 10 Sea Creatures"When Sabrina Imbler was in college, they enrolled in a class they thought was about whales, but which turned out to be about whaling. In one of 10 brilliant essays in their new book, Imbler recalls the class, which focused on "the systematic hunting and harvesting of the animals that brought human populations to the verge of unimaginable prosperity and whale populations to the brink of extinction." In contemplating the autopsy of the whale as a metaphor for analyzing the death of a relationship, Imbler was reminded of "all the ways we shoehorn distinctions between ourselves and other animals, often harming both of us." Their new book, "How Far the Light Reaches: A Life in Ten Sea Creatures," profiles often overlooked forms of aquatic life, while deftly exploring questions of identity, community, and care. Read a review here. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness (Jan 27, 2022)

The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross, donothing
 My brother and I were driving home together and became engrossed in a conversation. Because of this ... Full Story

A Stolen Trombone and the Necessary Kindness, penny4them
A couple of months back, my son Shine had his trombone stolen from our car. Very sad. We learned a lot. We were ... Full Story

🎄 Dad’s Christmas Tree , mindyjourney
Every time I see an outside pine tree decorated with holiday lights, I remember the kindness of my ... Full Story

Small Acts

"I was in a bad mood yesterday but I can't deny that a couple of days ago I received really good news. In gratitude, I donated today to the local food bank." ado, Mar 25

"i am so happily trying to spot birds in the trees i can hear but not always see. i have missed them and their songs this winter!!" janfour, Mar 23

"Preparing a kindness travel kit for a short 2 day journey to share lots of love :-)" DANCE, Mar 25

"I would like to thank all my KindSpring Friends. I feel good that when I am happy, you are also happy. Thank You to my friends here🤗🤗🤗" TheHuman, Mar 25

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Mar 15, 2023 -- What if you knew that the way to access the very best in yourself - the light side of your humanity - was by facing your darkness?...One of the most powerful turning points in life comes when we begin to understand the shadow as a great teacher. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image Interbeing, by Thich Nhat Hanh
Mar 27, 2023 -- Emptiness does not mean nothingness. Saying that we are empty does not mean that we do not exist. No matter if something is full or empty, that thing clearly needs to be there in the first place. When we say a cup is empty, the cup must be there in order to be empty. When we say that we are... Read more on

My Real Name - A Conversation with Zoo Cain , in works & conv
At 69 I'm eventually going to run out of time, so I'm lobbying to work on rainbows when I get to the other side. I'm definitely creating with the spirit world all around me. Read More on

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Imagine having the power to become resilient to all that is hostile to us. Sabrina Imbler

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