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DailyGoodThe Sight of SoundAfter a powerful encounter with a sperm whale, James Nestor embarks on a quest to understand echolocation. He suggests that if we step away from the technologies we've come to rely on, we may discover senses long forgotten. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness (Nov 12, 2019)

Little Things Mean a Lot, Geezer
Sometimes the little things you do mean a lot. As an example; when my wife and I returned from the Cape in early ... Full Story

Remembrance Through Kindness, cyctw
Nine years ago, on the 20th of October, Jackie was a student in a class that I taught. Eight years ago, on that same ... Full Story

A Simple Offering, miatagano
Tonight, I was walking home from work. It was dark. I passed a man sitting on a bench built into a wall of a ... Full Story

Small Acts

"We don't get the opportunity to hang out clothes very often but when we do we have a stock of wooden metal ones x I like the idea of of using a bag to stop fluff etc going into the drains 😊 " Helenconnell2, Nov 09

"i have had a straw for years. i often just drink without one. i also have a spork and a take away container for my leftovers that i remember *most* of the time." janfour, Nov 11

"I don't eat cookies very often, but hubby makes our own bread...does that count!!??😁😁" drjoybug, Nov 13

"COOKIES!!!! i just got a cookie challenge for a party. i will find pretty paper bags to gift my sets in " janfour, Nov 13

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Oct 28, 2019 -- This lyrical video introduces us to Antoinette, who immediately draws us into her welcoming world of nature and a life lived in sync with the rhythms of the natural world. Early in her life Antoinette was called to living in the wild. "This was the fire that ignited my soul." Antoinette's passion and wisdom are conveyed in her simple words that are poetry to the ears while speaking directly to the heart. Enjoy Antoinette's warm, engaging presence, listen, let her wisdom speak to you, and learn her secret to life. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image Staying Small To Stay Safe, by Peggy Dulany
Nov 11, 2019 -- Somewhere along the line of human evolution, fears caused many of us (especially those who lost their link to the natural environment and came to live in crowded, stressful living conditions) to shrink into a smaller way of understanding -- and living -- our existence. We needed to feel safe. And... Read more on

A Conversation with Ana Valdes Lim - Theater for Wholeness, in works & conv
At Julliard’s centennial, Ana was selected to be among the 100 graduates featured. While in New York, she worked with Joe Papp at Public Theater and with Estelle Parsons in “Shakespeare in the Park.” She says, “We were like the... Read More on

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There is no way in which to understand the world without first detecting it through the radar-net of our senses. Diane Ackerman

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