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DailyGoodThousand-Mile Walk Home"Eight years ago this spring, I blew out a lumbar disc while running a jackhammer in the desert near my housean accident that was the result of simple bad luck, with the odds skewed by the fact that a jackhammer was the wrong tool for the job and that alcohol may have been involved. After a long, miserable recovery period during which I was as ornery as a walleyed mule, I finally mended enough that my wife, Eryn, could get me out of the house, which was a great relief to her. As I began to get back on my feet, Eryn asked what turned out to be one of the best questions I've ever received: 'Bubba, now that youre finally healing, how do you want your life to be different from before the injury?'"My reply was immediate and spontaneous. I just want to walk and walk and walk." [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness (Jan 27, 2022)

The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross, donothing
 My brother and I were driving home together and became engrossed in a conversation. Because of this ... Full Story

A Stolen Trombone and the Necessary Kindness, penny4them
A couple of months back, my son Shine had his trombone stolen from our car. Very sad. We learned a lot. We were ... Full Story

🎄 Dad’s Christmas Tree , mindyjourney
Every time I see an outside pine tree decorated with holiday lights, I remember the kindness of my ... Full Story

Small Acts

"Saw a busker (man singing for change from strangers) near my work today. Bought a lunch kit (sandwich, fruit, juice box and cheese stick) and gave it to him." greenurlifenow, Aug 10

"Today we gave our very generous friend apples from our apple tree. She went home and made us an apple pie. ❤️ #AprilRAOK" lewski711, Aug 13

"Today I have started giving "The DotMatrix Award" in recognition of Excellence of DotMatrix. Attached "The DotMatrix Award" goes to greenurlifenow. Congratulations!!!" TheHuman, Aug 09

"Whenever things are sad or bleak or if you're ever up the creek can count on her to joyf'lly speak Mish, have a happy kindness week! :)" patjos, Aug 07

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Aug 09, 2022 -- This Climbing PoeTree music video highlights modern day freedom fighters and champions of justice by celebrating the beauty, power, talent, brilliance and humanity of Black people. Through powerful lyrics, music and dance, it is a triumphant acknowledgement that dignity, safety and self determination are all necessary to overcome dehumanizing terror and to ensure that justice prevails. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image The Opponent Relationship Is Not A Contest, by Shannon Lee
Aug 08, 2022 -- What is combat, after all, but an intense relationship? Your opponent attempts to block and counter every strike you throw as well as land strikes of his own, which he will do in direct response to the signals he reads off you. He will also sense your energy, your reaction time, whether you seem... Read more on

From Pipefitting to Cosmic Particles - A Conversation with Doug Heine, in works & conv
I’d come to the Lab from Mare Island as a pipe fitter, and suddenly I was having lunch every day with Louis Alvarez and all the physicists. Sometimes a physicist would come and show us something he wanted and we’d ask him, “Do you want... Read More on

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Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. Steven Wright

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