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DailyGoodSix Ways to Help Kids Grow Their CreativityBrene Brown, bestselling author, researcher, and University of Houston professor, was surrounded by creativity as a child. "I grew up in a pink stucco house in New Orleans where my mom was always a maker. All the curtains in our house were homemade, all the art in our house was from us kids. I had dresses that matched my mom's that matched my dolls. I never thought about creativity as an act separate from self," says Brown, who has spent the last two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. "To be human is to be creative." Brene Brown and other experts share insights on how parents and teachers can foster childrens creativity while nourishing their own. [Full Story on]  

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Stories of Kindness (Jan 27, 2022)

The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross, donothing
 My brother and I were driving home together and became engrossed in a conversation. Because of this ... Full Story

A Stolen Trombone and the Necessary Kindness, penny4them
A couple of months back, my son Shine had his trombone stolen from our car. Very sad. We learned a lot. We were ... Full Story

🎄 Dad’s Christmas Tree , mindyjourney
Every time I see an outside pine tree decorated with holiday lights, I remember the kindness of my ... Full Story

Small Acts

"In shop when I get time I am chanting, "Learn to love what you do. Learn to love what you do". It's a good feeling 🙂" TheHuman, May 27

"I found an ANT in shop. I talked with it. I said, "Hello Ant. How are you? How is your family? Have you taken lunch? Take care". It's a good experience 🙂" TheHuman, May 27

"" truthunltd, May 24

"A Helper is moving on road. He said "Hi" and lifted his hand. I said Hi and Smiled. He said "Everything okay". I said Yes. These little little things make life beautiful :)" TheHuman, May 27

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May 23, 2023 -- The Red Dress is a multi-year, award-winning, global, collaborative embroidery project. Textile artist Kirstie Macleod engaged artisans from around the world, many of whom live in refugee camps, have experienced the ravages of war, or live in extreme poverty, to embroider sections of a red dress that channels the voices of women crying out to be heard. The feelings, stories, and dreams of the women are stitched onto this spectacular dress. In this moving video we travel with the artist to meet some of the women who have used embroidery to get their lives back together, in the process empowering themselves and others in their community. [Source: KarmaTube]

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image Letting Someone Know They're Not Alone Is No Small Thing, by Deborah Hawkins
May 22, 2023 -- Months ago, I decided to explore volunteering for a hospice organization. My initial curiosity came up when I contemplated wanting to use my talents for listening and putting things into words. I envisioned being able to help terminally ill patients write letters that crystallized unexpressed... Read more on

My Real Name - A Conversation with Zoo Cain , in works & conv
At 69 I'm eventually going to run out of time, so I'm lobbying to work on rainbows when I get to the other side. I'm definitely creating with the spirit world all around me. Read More on

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There is no such thing as creative and non-creative people, only people who use their creativity and people who don't. Brene Brown

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