Laddership News: Lockdown As A Creative Constraint

I have run out of adjectives for the world's current situation (the word 'unprecedented' must be exhausted from over use) so it was a delight to find inspiration from our Laddership ecosystem and a lens on lockdown as a creative constraint. --Nicole and Jane

Glimpse Into Our Spring Circles

A few weeks back, 30 project initiators and 14 volunteers across 11 countries circled up for Spring and have embraced laddership themes in the context of this new pandemic world. Audrey weaves the journeys and the emergence together in this story. [more]

During Lockdown

In this insightful and extremely helpful article, Jasky explores what 'head, hands, heart' service and spiritual activism can look like in lockdown and gives a schedule for bringing regularity and moderation to the days. [more]

And Psssst ...

In times of corona, how do we innovate designs that embrace uncertainty, flow, and compassion? Bonnie and friends are hosting a 4-week "Laddership Pod" to explore -- and you're invited! [more]