4-Week Laddership Pod: Designing for Uncertainty

WHEN: May 22, 2020 05:00 PM
WHAT: Amid times of Corona, many are moved to step up our service. Yet we face uncommon questions: how do we keep our doors and hearts open when we're physically distanced? What are our practices to embrace uncertainty? Is this a war or a love story? Should we return to normal or adapt? What does community building look like now? How do we lead with emergence, well beyond emergencies? While laddering the new, how do we compassionately hospice the old? What is the place where "our deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger"?

Across ServiceSpace ecosystem, volunteers having been diving into a spectrum of experiments. It has been incredible heartening. Yet many of us experience this time as a generational turning point, and find it to be an opportune time to step up our personal practices, deepen our noble friendships, and innovate experiments that are designed to embrace uncertainty, flow, and compassion.

To deepen in that aspiration, a few of us are experimenting with a 4-week Laddership Pod. Like a regular Laddership Circle, we'll engage hands, head, and heart with daily practices, a weekly reading, an weekly 90-minute call. However, unlike a usual circle, this Pod will only require a commitment of 30 minute per day.

The circle will be anchored by Bonnie Rose and Nipun Mehta, but we also intend to host various guest speakers from across our ecosystem.

If you'd like to join, RSVP below by May 6th, and we'll send more details.            
HOST:Audrey Lin

Sorry, this event is now closed.