Laddership News: Quiet Power Of Helpfulness

Spring arrives quietly, without fanfare, and yet it is dramatically transformational of the winter landscape - external and internal. This month's stories remind us of the similar quiet power of helpfulness: it's such an ordinary word, hiding unimaginable power in it. --Nicole and Jane

May I Help You?

This brief but astonishingly moving story comes from a share from Naren in a Laddership circle last month. I was astonished to read of the impact of a delicate and quiet offer of help. As Naren says - it doesn't always have to be a stone; when a leaf drops, there is a ripple. [more]

Manila Smiles

This gorgeous video, to the soundtrack of Nimo's We Shall Overcome, tells the story of Ana's Entheos retreats in the Philippines in January 2019. Another glimpse into the majestic power of helpfulness, whether its wrapping meals, holding circle or embodying kindness, the simplicity of offering one's service to make things easier for someone else shines in this beautiful 5 minutes. [more]


And Psssst ...

As themed Laddership Circles with educators and Heartfulness meditation trainers complete, we ramp up for global and India-based circles this Spring!