Just One Ripple From Hyderabad :)

Posted by Maria Bras on Oct 26, 2018
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One of my favorite sacred spaces in the world is Kanha. On the outskirts of Hyderabad, it is the epicenter of the Heartfulness movement, where more than 40 thousand people convene to meditate together, at least four times a year.

Few weeks back, 1700 meditation trainers came together for their own three-day retreat -- and Nipun, Meghna, Parag, Swara, Nisha, Drishti, and Rohit were invited to share the ServiceSpace magic. And it was pure magic. On the very first day itself, Daaji -- with whom even just a few minutes is considered a great blessing by many around the globe -- went on a walk with a few of them. They spontaneously spent five hours together! It was just one magical moment after another, in the subsequent days, as all these energies came together. I'm sure you'll hear more about all the ripples in a subsequent post. Here's a few visuals from the event ...

During the event, lots of interactive activities unfolded. Love was in the air, as is often the case around ServiceSpace.

We weren't there in person, but we've been noticing many ripples, like this one by a youth group that was deeply inspired by those interactions with ServiceSpace:

Lots of love to all of you for being the seed for so many delicious fruits!

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