This Weekend (+ Istanbul To India To Israel)

Dear Friends,

A few local events, photos and stories ...
Tomorrow, Sam and Ari are anchoring Gardening at Banyan Grove for the hands people among you! In virtual space, Anne and Rajesh are Awakin Calls guests to talk about their film-making journey. After watching their movie on KarmaTube, Smita mirrored a commonly felt sentiment: "Brought out emotions I did not know existed in me."

On Sunday, as Sima, Uma and Paulo anchor the Karma Kitchen crew in Berkeley, you're all invited to join again. Last month, our head chef walks into our orientation circle to tell us this story: Sometimes It Takes Nine Years To join our community table on Sunday, with Birju, myself, Johannes and Elisa from Austria, and others, RSVP here.

On Monday, Kozo is anchoring a one-time Awakin Circle in Palo Alto, since Mahendra is no longer able to join due to his weakening health. It's a touching story of how it has all unfolded. Learn more here.

On Wednesday, as always, you know what continues on. :) Just like Mondays in Marin and Fridays in Oakland.

Coming up in April -- 1-Day Meditation at Banyan Grove, and Nimo! :)

This newsletter only features local stuff, but lot of the local ripples are continuously flowing out globally.

This month, Luis started Awakin Istanbul, as Sixian hosted her first Awakin Singapore. In Dubai, Sehr started "Stitch a Heart" circle that Bonnie says have gone "Viral in Ventura". Anya's opening remarks at our London retreat, while Meghna shares this 3-day retreat photo from India. In China, Zilong will be traveling for 45 days to spread "Gross National Happiness" ideas. More locally, Audrey, Anne and Pancho were found with a bullhorn, and 200 kids who will be doing 21-day Fearless Living Challenge. Last week in Detroit, I got to experience Nilam Aunty, Trevor and gang hosting a gorgeous circle. And as I type this, Galia sent photos of KK volunteer crew in Israel who just served 400 people today! :) The beat continues on.

Quite frequently, I'm reminded of the Gandhi quote: In a gentle way, we can shake the world.

With gentle smiles, :)