Laddership News: The Nuances Of Gifts And Holding Space

This month the focus is on the vastness in the tiny word: "gift". Birju and Sonia bring two different lenses to what we may mean by 'gift' and what it looks like when space is held for it to emerge. --Nicole and Jane

The Gift Spectrum

Birju takes us on a deep dive into the nuances of gifting, identifying a number of potential categories, from the open gift to the Quid Pro Quo, with which we can build a 'spectrum of gift'. [more]

Lessons from Holding Space

Sonia brings us this exquisite reminder: 'its amazing to see what happens when we let go of control, tune into our hearts and hold space for others to tune into theirs". [more]

And Psssst ...

As 2 concurrent circles wrap up in India, an intimate business-themed Laddership Circle is ramping up this month!