Few Firsts At Banyan Grove!

Dear Friends,

Most of you know about Banyan Grove -- and if you don't, this song is a fantastic summary! We are super excited about a few new firsts in the space ... 
This Sunday, April 1st, our monthly Awakin Circle @ 4PM will be in our newly constructed "zendo"! It's pretty awesome, and the spiffy Zafutons aren't so shabby either. RSVP here. (We'll have Southbay and Eastbay carpools as well.)

On Monday, April 2nd, bunch of us are spending the day in stillness. By design, it's unstructured and unguided -- to hold space for inner emergence. What is planned, however, is Hiromi's yum food! :) RSVP here.

On April 15th, Xiao is hosting our first film screening! Grace Dammann. Funny, wise, irreverent, wheelchair bound doctor. Here's a paragraph by Pavi on her. It's a film, but the idea to engage in deep dialogue and engage in collective action. RSVP here.

We're also thrilled that Fabrizio will be taking on the baton after Sam/Hiromi as the resident anchor. Here's a beautiful reflection he wrote while heading towards Banyan Grove ... 

In those moments of potential confusion, I ask myself if I am in line with being kind, compassionate, joyful, and equanimous. Those are the overarching values, if you will, that create the climate of my life. And the weather always changes according to other values that come and go as needed at the time. At this very moment, for instance, my core value is surrender. As I sit and write this on the Coho Ferry from my home of Victoria towards California, I surrender to the quiet voice within, and the loud voices that call me from without, towards perhaps uncertain tangible manifestations, but certain inner transformations.

With certain smiles, :)