This Sunday (+ Awakin Kids, LA Road Trip, Labor Day)

Dear Ones,

This Sunday, Liz, Bradley, Carol, and Connie are among the bubbling crew of Karma Kitchen volunteers that are looking to serve up generosity. Join us for lunch on Sunday morning at Karma Kitchen in Berkeley.

Awakin Circles are continuing to pop-up around the globe -- like most recently in Hue, Vietnam. More locally, one of the half-dozen local circles is Awakin Banyan Grove on August 5th. And ... the day before is Awakin Kids Circle in Santa Clara -- this month with the visionary behind Kindful Kids, Trishna! :)

Five of us are heading on a road trip to LA, engaging in five events in two days! It reminds me of last time in LA, as Audrey articulated all our sentiments: "As I turn the key and step through my front door, I wonder what it is that makes the whirlwind of the last three days feel so familiar.  Like walking into a time capsule of an ancient rhythm -- one that carries us home to the eternal oceans of our shared existence."

With the joy of ancient rhythms and eternal oceans, :)


P.S. As a part of our annual ServiceSpace retreat, we have a community night on Saturday, Sep 1st. Our guest list includes legendary thinker Fritjof Capra, Ana Valdes Lim from the Philippines, Giang Dang from Vietnam, David Bullon Patton from Costa Rica and beloved locals like Rev. Heng Sure. If you've been resonant with ServiceSpace's work in the world and would like to connect further, RSVP here.