The Very First “Awakin Circle” In Hue,
--Pham Thi
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Jul 10, 2018


In 2016, a small group including staff, volunteers and good friends of a small local NGO called Action for The City in Hue, Vietnam gathered almost every week to have lunch in circle, followed with heart to heart sharing or playing fun games together. It then became our weekly circle of mindful lunch and sharing, a so called “Circle of Togetherness”.

Inspired by Awakin Wednesdays and celebrate the spirit of community, we have recently shifted our local circle into Awakin Circle format.

Last Saturday July 7, our very first Awakin Circle was hosted in a small, cozy living room in Citadel, Hue. A group of 8 young friends started the evening with an hour of stillness. Most of us are new to meditation but we surprised ourselves by remaining sitting meditation till the end.

The sharing session after that was a great chance of listening to each other from the heart. Many beautiful sharing from people's observation of their inner flow of thoughts, wide range of emotions and feelings arisen.

Some of the key words really touched our heart: Sitting in silence help to "connect with my inner self", "cultivate peace and joy" or " touch the seed of loving kindness and com passion” or a profound learning about the circle “ In a circle, I feel the energy of inter-connectedness by simply looking people in their eyes and truly listening to them. This is, indeed a precious gift that we miss everyday in our modern, busy life”.

Our evening ended with a home-cooked vegetarian meal, well-blended with cheerful laughter and small stories.

Being a new host, I feel nothing but gratitude and joy. I am grateful to my family and friends for their whole-heartedly support and feel the joy for having a chance to serve in the spirit of giftivism.

So, these are some “happy photos” to share with you all!

P/S: I am Nhi, by the way. If you wonder where I was, of course I was right there: behind the camera :-)!


Posted by Pham Thi on Jul 10, 2018

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