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I'm joining Service Space because ... of noble friends.

A good day to me is when ... I do an act of kindness.

My hero in life is ...Giving Tree.

My favorite book is ...My Sisters.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... My family.

Internal Cleaning By External Actions

Sep 05, 2017, 3 comments, 16 smiles “So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you-cannot make your towns and cities clean.” – Mahatma Gandhi Last week after a lot of persuasions, Jaimit shared about an act of kindness he did last year around Diwali. After a full day of work, he was on his way for a bible reading session. He felt the urge to use the washroom and started looking for one. He found a public toilet and just before entering the premise he saw a man urinating and carelessly spoiling the walls which had a slogan on it saying “Swatch Bharat” (Clean India). He felt disturbed looking at the irony and apathy that citizen’s show for public spaces. With that sentiment, he went inside the public toilet and found it difficult to use because of the filth. He almost had to run outside for fresh air as he ... Read Full Story


Sep 03, 2017, 5 comments, 16 smiles All revolutions are spiritual at the source. All my activities have the sole purpose of achieving a union of hearts- Vinoba Bhave Arun dada had gone to Cyprus as a shanti sainik (Peace maker) during a time of communal tension between the Greeks and Turks. The Sun was about to rise, he was out for his morning walk. On his way he saw a bunch of boys laughing at him may be because of the way he looked or may be the way he was dressed that is what he said. He kept walking in their direction towards the hill top. As he went close, one boy ran inside the nearby tent and brought out an air gun and pointed at him. Dada did not know if these boys were Greeks or Turks, he did not speak their language. Dada went close while the gun was still pointing at him. ... Read Full Story

Gentle Reminders By Tender Hearts

Jul 01, 2017, 10 comments, 16 smiles There are a bunch of children between 9 to 15 years who stay in the same lane as mine. They stay in the servant quarters and go to the government school across the road. Some years ago they did not have any other positive spaces of engagement. As a result, they spent most afternoons and evenings outside home loitering around freely and some got involved in minor stealing and other destructive behavior. They were shunned away by neighbors living in the bungalows and high rise apartments. Swara loves ... Read Full Story

Conversations With Arun Dada

May 29, 2017, 1 comments, 10 smiles Every time we go to visit Arun dada's house, he shares little wisdom stories. Sharing a few here. Story # 1 Vinoba ji shared that there are four types of people: Aadham (अधम) - These are the people who see ‘Dosha’ (faults/vices) in others. Maadhyam (मध्यम) - These are the people who sees both ‘Guna’ and ‘Dosha’ (virtues & vices/faults). Uttam (उतम) - These are the people who sees only ‘Guna’. Uttama–Uttam (उतम-उतम) - These are the people who will not only see ‘Guna’ in others but will amplify even the minutest good /virtue in others. Vinoba ji shared that we have to practice to be the fourth kinds where we are not only seeing the good but are also amplifying it. He further shared that "Guna" (virtues) are like a door and "Dosh" (vices) are like a wall. If we want to reach someone, we need to see the virtues in that person as that will act ... Read Full Story

HeArt Circle On Forgiveness

May 23, 2017, 1 comments, 21 smiles Last Sunday, we had beautiful HeArt circle themed on forgiveness. After some silence and a reading, we chose different mediums of art like clay, colors, wool. Some chose to continue with silence while some chose to journal a letter to self or someone else. Forty five minutes of hands activity later, we closed with a circle of reflection -- and people shared some really deep stories. A girl with a disability made these beautiful things from clay: Someone drew a beautiful painting and expressed the story behind it, of how she hasn't forgiven herself after losing her child.  A mother whose son is going through a difficult illness shared how she enjoyed playing with colors today. A heartfelt hug from a downs syndrome kid simply melted us all. As I sat with myself during the HeArt circle, the only prayer that was coming was, 'May peace prevail in the world', 'May peace prevail inside me'. I had ... Read Full Story

From Trash To Treasure

May 12, 2017, 8 comments, 23 smiles In February 2014, five fellows came together for a "30-Days In-turn-ship" program, a small experiment in selfless service through the lens of inner transformation. As part of our program, we had gone to Santram mandir in Nadiad. One of our collective practices was to do shramdaan (gift of labor) every day.  We decided to clean the temple premises. While Audrey and Swara started cleaning the inside area, rest of us started clearing the entrance area of the temple. One day back about a hundred thousand people had gathered at the temple. There was a lot of plastic waste and large piles of footwear all over the place.  The local shopkeeper told us that this happens every year when so many people come and misplace their shoes.  All of these lost foot-wares are dumped along with other waste. While we continued cleaning the plastic waste, one of our youngest "in-turn", Meet, came ... Read Full Story

Nail Cutter: My Super Tool ☺

May 08, 2017, 9 comments, 23 smiles Four months back I started working in a government home with 65 women and children. The home is divided into few rooms based on age and disability. Initially, I was permitted to work with elderly women who are abused and abandoned due to severe mental or terminal illness. Along with the illness, I found out that some women were from other states and did not speak languages I knew. A few women kept sleeping due to the effect of heavy medication and few others would just not respond or make an eye contact. Maybe this was the first time someone was coming to them and talking to them. I started searching for the jai shree krishna window but it was a struggle. I was reminded of a quote by Mother Teresa which says, “We cannot do big things but small things with great love” and I started with a small ... Read Full Story

A Lesson From Three Men On A Highway

Mar 06, 2017, 2 comments, 15 smiles An elder in our local community recently shared a beautiful (and true) story from his own life.  We lovingly call him Uncle. Twenty years ago, Uncle was cycling on a highway and his tire had a puncture. A passerby informed him that the nearest mechanic was four kilometers away, so he started pulling his bike. Seeing this, a young man stopped his car and asked, "Uncle, do you need any help?" With a big smile, Uncle responded, "If I want to go to heaven, it is I who will have to die and not anyone else. So let me finish my own karma." He thanked the young man for offering help, and continued walking. The young man drove away, but a part of him didn't feel good about Uncle walking so much. He stopped at the mechanics workshop and shared about the situation. Nearby, a tempo driver overheard the whole story and offered ... Read Full Story

Blessings From My Lineage

Feb 21, 2017, 9 comments, 22 smiles Yesterday evening I was spending time with few elders from my father’s side. We were remembering times when we went on few pilgrimages together as a family, the summers spent at our grandfather place on the banks of Narmada, few festivals and occasions where we had no other option but to spend with the family and many more. The compulsions that were felt then helped us bond more. He was nine when his father passed away and was survived by his 22 year old mother and a younger sister. His father worked in rice mills and sold puffed rice going village to village in a boat along the banks of Narmada. In those days there were no grocery or vegetable shops. Later he bought a small place after taking some loan and started making puffed rice and selling it. After he died his brother sold the place to pay off loans ... Read Full Story

Removing The Weeds, Tending The Flowers

Feb 04, 2017, 1 comments, 19 smiles On the first full day of last week's Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Sachi gave a talk on some of the questions or "edges" that emerged from her work in the service sector (the "Sajjan Sakti" of Vinoba Bhave's 5 Shakti), with the boys at Mumbai's Umerkhadi Children's Home.  From discovering the vital organizational value of "doing the work of listening" and cultivating relationships that expand the circle of stakeholders, to operational questions such as, "Should we be all volunteer-run?" "Do we need to scale up?" and sector-wide dilemmas like, "We're treating all children equally when what they need is to be treated individually" -- Sachi's illuminating words cut right to the core. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of a few unnamed love warriors, below is the full transcript and video of her stirring talk. I am super nervous and that’s also because I am sitting with people who have been practicing and walking ... Read Full Story