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I'm joining Service Space because ... My inner work goes on...

A good day to me is when ... When I feel connected to those I love

My hero in life is ...humility and non-judgment

My favorite book is ...Ira Sleeps Over, Jamberry, The Process of Educatioin

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Our sensitivity to beauty and justice and our ability to learn

Science Of Kindness (LA Times!)

Sep 26, 2019, 2 comments, 5 smiles Inspiring article in LA Times, that also referenced this video ... The science of kindness A $20-million gift is funding a UCLA institute studying the benefits of doing good for others By Teresa Watanabe A friendly smile. A food pantry donation. Or, a remarkable act of Los Angeles benevolence — allowing a driver to cut in front of you. Such acts of kindness have a self-serving upside, too, as science has conclusively shown they also make you healthier. Now UCLA is poised to advance that science with the Wednesday launch of the world’s first interdisciplinary research institute on kindness, which will explore, for instance, how and why being nice to others reduces depression and the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Research by UCLA scientists already has shown that mindfulness and kindness alter the behavior of genes, turning down those that promote inflammation, which can lead to heart disease or certain cancers, and turning up the activity ... Read Full Story

Definition Of Genius

Jul 08, 2018, 2 comments, 7 smiles I pray all is well with all of you. I've been thinking of all of you since my memorable visit to the Bayarea last month. Below is a video that seems very much aligned with all we do at ServiceSpace ...

The Giving Stump

Mar 23, 2018, 2 comments, 10 smiles While The Giving Tree always seemed a strange children's book, ironically as my 77th b'day approaches, I'm finding it is a classic for articulating themes about growing old. A recent poetic reflection on 'The Giving Tree'... THE GIVING STUMP (Sequel to The Giving Tree) At the end of the day the giving tree had given her last leaf to a girl who wanted to decorate her hair And her last branch to a boy who wanted to make marks on the earth and bang rocks and tree trunks The boy walked with an old man who looked at the stick's lovely curves, knots, curls, and gnarls, and said, that stick will be good for me to lean on; some day I'll carve a lovely handle to celebrate this fine walking stick so the mountains will remember how grateful I was when I walked here The sound of the boy and the old man grew softer. The tree, that now was a tree only in memory, was alone; and the tree felt that she was just a stump She ... Read Full Story

Rabbit Finds His Kind Mind

Dec 05, 2016, 3 smiles I have recently found myself writing some values-based educational pieces, featuring the wisdom of Tortoise after winning the race with Rabbit, who is much in need of wisdom. Wanted to share this one below. It could lead to introspective activities about "opposites" in awareness, and including nice art activities. I also am eager to share a series of "episodes" in which Tortoise Teaches Rabbit to Read. Thsi is idea for pre-readers/emergent literacy. RABBIT FINDS HIS KIND MIND   "Good morning, Rabbit," said Tortoise, slowly walking toward Rabbit.   "I have no time to say Good Morning! Hello!or Goodbye!" declared Rabbit.   "I see you are very busy," said Tortoise.   "Busier than bees in flowers full of pollen" said Rabbit.   "I love being busy! What are you busy doing?" asked Tortoise.   "Making art to show how hard it is for me to find my kind mind."   "Oh, that sounds very difficult," said Tortoise.   "I am a good artist, so its not too difficult," said Rabbit.   Tortoise took one more step.   "Stop!" yelled ... Read Full Story

I Am Looking For Volunteers--computer Scientists ...

Dec 04, 2016, 1 smiles I am looking for volunteers--computer scientists and others who are interested in creating a "platform", or is it a "portal", to facilitate organizing human, natural, and cultural resources to create first class learning communities to support public education. If interested, please contact me @jonmadian@yahoo.com

Poem On 75th Birthday

Apr 12, 2016, 7 comments, 9 smiles As is my yearly habit, I recently wrote a poem on my birthday.  This year was my 75th, and I was encouraged to share it more broadly, so here goes!  ONCE UPON MY TIME (Poem for my 75th Birthday) The skull locks the eye cuts the horizon's round arc while rhyme sings through time's harp-strung spirals sculpts the gift of air into lilting sounds and silence The quiet heart rocks the cradle that stills the baby so flows the rebounding tides of rhyme where meter softly bent holds sway in repeating motion mysterious as pendulums at play Rebounding perfect arcs swing from towering church clocks as if shamed-souls may reach beyond guilt gilded time by counting beads with obedient fingers In the beginning, before light is matter before meter gives form to beauty, before sunlight burns cool and green, before the moon opens her heart to mix her full white breast with splashing sea and snow white foam there is a time before time where all the songs we ever sing are sung… But we huddle in Plato's Cave in low ... Read Full Story

I Am Zero

May 14, 2013, 2 comments, 5 smiles I AM A ZERO  or All I Care to Know about Number Theory   I am a zero because i don' know my origin   I am a zero because  when I know my origin   I discover there is no "I", no me    there is only the un-circumscribed  perfection of spirit dissolved in  the sparkling center of everywhere   I am a zero hero  champion of emptiness... an emptiness I doubt, fear, suspect and yearn for   When i think i am the child of the blind genius of atoms and my mind senses the vast emptiness in and among molecules in and among all that makes DNA  all that is the stuff and beauty of ecologies built silently by atoms  into green cathedrals    then the word universe rings its bell from temple towers one verse,  one poem or song one harmony  how we struggle to learn to sing along   Let us refresh ourselves in the deep bright well of emptiness  let us enjoy the beauty of our reverence   We are children of zero that's all i care to know of  number theory... 

A Poem I Wrote On My ...

Apr 10, 2013, 2 comments, 5 smiles A poem I wrote on my birthday ... You come to me across the grass my 7 year old grandson on the morning of the dawning of my 72nd year your weeding tools in hand you ask, grandpa, is it time to do garden work   I follow you to the weeds grandma has assigned us,  weeds that we must beat, tear and coax from the soil, but in the end being men, we will merely cut them back to imagine we will clear them once again when next they attack   with mighty strokes you build paths around the rhododendrons while I work closer to the old trunks that the turning seasons have shaped    seems the melody of time that changes seasons and tunes the buds to blossoms also wrinkles my skin droops my eyelids and sends winter certain as an archer's arrow to bend my knees   but your earnestness and quick laughter reminds that life is forever a child's happy answer and wrinkles can be taught to say our lives are best lived as child's play   So let us blaze playful trails ... Read Full Story