About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to serve !

A good day to me is when ... I'm feeling good and peaceful because of a small good deed I did !

My hero in life is ...Mother Theresa

My favorite book is ...Jonathan

One thing I'm grateful for is ... God guiding me all along my life towards my goal of serving the underserved!

Gratitude & Ripple Of Karuna Virus!

May 14, 2020, 2 comments, 19 smiles Dearest Karuna Virus team! Everyday With Karuna News you make my day special, filled with love and hope. I’m sending you these flowers and love to brighten your day and bring smiles on your face :) Though the hugs and flowers are virtual I hope you will feel the warmth and the fragrance. These are pictures of the non-verbal cards for the elderly who are in real isolation, without much human touch. They have poor vision and minimum help. My heart just breaks. Your compassionate dedicated work inspires many like me to do a little and offer in our own ways to bring joy. Ripples of Karuna keep spreading. Stay blessed and keep spreading compassion

The Experience Of Gardening :)

Aug 28, 2019, 2 comments, 15 smiles Inspired after visiting Awakin Santa Clara and Harshida's veggie garden, I thought it'd be great to start a garden of my own. It was hard to follow-through on that though, as summers are so short and so busy. Over the last two years, I kept talking about my wish to make a garden in the company of my Awakin Circle family. Janet, who has been attending the circles for almost 4 years, surprised me by showing up at my door step with garden soil, wooden planks along with tomato, beans, cucumber, and pepper plants! She said she wanted to do something special for our Awakin family, and the veggie garden was her gift. I was so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness and love. I kept saying, "no" and offering to reimburse her for the costs -- it’s so hard to receive. :) She refused to take money and said “You do so much, ... Read Full Story

Nature & Nurture: Karma Kitchen Detroit!

Dec 02, 2018, 11 smiles We hosted our fourth annual Karma Kitchen Detroit in early October this year! It was extra special to me, as I had to unexpectedly travel to India for a month prior, and was sad, thinking I'd have to cancel. Instead, during my absence, the Detroit Awakin family stepped up and arranged everything! Renee and Janet (my soul sisters) took the initiative and organized everyone and everything -- from the menu to the venue, promoting on social media, finalizing details with Meiko and Kiley of the Pink Flamingo, printing menus and checks and collaborating with the cooks and servers. In short, I arrived home only a few days prior to Karma Kitchen, and was overjoyed to see the love and ownership taken by the Awakin Family to make this special event happen once again. On the day of the event, it was a cold and rainy October day. We were concerned, but went ahead and ... Read Full Story

The Gift Of Gifting Coasters

Dec 10, 2017, 4 comments, 15 smiles Recently, my niece came across some of the ceramic coasters I make. Some years ago, I was learning how to make art out of clay, and also learning about this ecosystem of generosity. I wanted to express my gratitude, so I made two coasters with an inspired word, and offered them as a gift to some of the nicest love warriors I've ever known. I quickly learned that love warriors share their gifts to many people, with so much love, and so I decided to make more coasters, and offer them exclusively for love warriors to gift forward. :) When my niece came across these coasters, she liked them a lot. Her university in Ohio happened to be doing a fundraiser for Syrian refugees, and they were selling artwork done by local artists. She asked me to create a few coasters for the fundraiser, and I could not say no to her. But then ... Read Full Story

Karma Kitchen Detroit

Nov 04, 2017, 2 comments, 16 smiles It was Friday morning. I was cooking a meal that would be served that evening at Karma Kitchen. The forecast for the evening was rain. Karma Kitchen is an outdoor event with the food truck ‘Pink Flamingo’! But Somehow I was not worried! Deep in my heart I knew everything was going to be ok and left it to the universe! As we were arranging the tables and the vases with the flowers from our gardens it started getting cloudy. A few drops of rain began to fall. I was trying to just focus on what I was doing and not let the mind immediately rush to worrying about what steps to take next if it started pouring. Suddenly I hear Bharat Uncle's excited voice "Look up!" Up in the sky there was the most beautiful complete and clear rainbow!!!! The universe had gifted us with a colorful arch, a gate ... Read Full Story