About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to live each day selflessly for a cause for others.

A good day to me is when ... When i see a new leaf or a flower bloom, When birds come to my window sil for water or grain and so many more and lastly When i breathe....a full breathe.

My hero in life is ...Many in our day to day life. For eg. My simply clad gardener who unknowingly showed me a path which I was searching for long without asking.

My favorite book is ...The Monk who sold his Ferrari

One thing I'm grateful for is ... This day that I am living...

My Teacher Bhau Abhyankar

Feb 19, 2021, 1 comments, 2 smiles My teacher was fondly called Bhau (meaning brother) by all. He had been my Math teacher and he always had a tough time teaching me this subject as I was and still am very allergic to Math. In our school Jnana Prabhodhini of which Bhau was one of the founders one of the subjects that were given equal importance was spiritualism. Bhau was a scholar and highly knowledgeable in ancient text. He narrated stories from the Puranas and Vedas and regularly gave discourses on the Bhagvatam. There was a very simple flow in his narration and anybody could connect. Always clad in a white dhoti and a white loincloth around his shoulders people known and unknown paid their obeisance to him. He only had 2 sets of clothes and he would tell - whenever I die the person after me has to clear only this much and there is nothing more ... Read Full Story

Lesson In Prayer From My Mother

Nov 22, 2017, 16 comments, 16 smiles As kids, I remember how we siblings (me and my younger two sisters) used ask so many questions to Mom and she relentlessly used answer without any grudge. Mom, our first teacher, was always sincere in answering the questions we asked not in a childish way to put us off but for us to think more deeply. In that age, she was a complete encyclopedia for us with all her supportive patience. I remember one day very vividly while walking on the street, we heard a siren of an ambulance pass by. Mom paused, while I tried to pull her to walk ahead, but she just was still, as if anchored for that moment. After sometime I asked her what she was doing at that moment and her answer ceased me for a while. She replied, "Whenever you hear the siren of an ambulance, just take a few seconds to pray for ... Read Full Story

An Unexpected Friend At Our Awakin Circle

Jul 10, 2017, 32 comments, 41 smiles It was yet another Tuesday. My favorite day of the week, since its Awakin Day for our local community on the outskirts of Pune. As is my regular practice, I finish up cooking in the first half of the day, then tidy up the kitchen, and close with the rest of the daily chores. On this day, 10 people had RSVP'd and everything was planned accordingly. Then, at 4PM, I got a call from an attendee saying that he 7 visitors from Chandigarh are coming! I was suddenly flustered -- what to do now? It's already past 4PM and I'm not sure how to cook for 7 more people. As I try to be still, my neighbor Chumiki (also a regular at Awakin) calls for some small issue and asks, "Can I make pulav (a rice dish) for the evening?" It was as if the universe was listening in. I tell her ... Read Full Story

The Call To Reconnect With An Old Friend

Jul 31, 2016, 3 comments, 15 smiles I had lost touch with Jyoti, a dear family friend for many years even though we stayed in the same vicinity. Very recently we were hearing about her deteriorating health conditions and I felt a deeper urge to go and meet her. As this thought came in my mind the very same evening I serendipitously met her husband in a neighborhood shop. Taking this as a sign, I accompanied him to their house and called out to her, and she immediately recognized my voice and took my name aloud and asked me to sit next to her. After so many years many I could still feel the warmth as I sat next to her. She had lost her eye sight to diabetes, her leg was amputated, kidneys had failed and she had to go to the hospital for dialysis 3 times a week. My last memories of her were that of a very beautiful girl ... Read Full Story

KindSpring Stories -- Regular Feature In Times Of India

Jan 14, 2016, 3 comments, 12 smiles Times of India (TOI) is the largest circulating English newspaper in the world. Everyday the newspaper has a small column on spiritual articles called 'Speaking Tree', and every Sunday, there's a separate newsletter that's nearly ten pages -- which is very widely read, and generally has a lot of insightful and spiritual content. For the past few weeks, I have been observing KindSpring stories routinely published in the paper.  For instance, last Sunday, there were two short stories: My 3B Girl, and Peace Street.  (It's usually all in one column, but am pasting screenshots below.) I just feel so happy to re-read them.  Love the way these stories travel all the way to India in print and the name Kind Spring just gets a wide smile on my face. Much Much gratitude to the entire team!  I am a big fan of every story you share.

A Farewell Like Never Beforeā€¦

Aug 28, 2014, 2 comments, 7 smiles Farewell Like Never Before We all had gathered that day and were seated in a circle. Apart from the immediate family we all were a bunch of friends - each one with a different connection yet leading towards this one source - Papa and Ba. Sheetal and Khushmita also arrived unexpectedly that day or rather were just pulled. Papa was on the bed as if watching all of us and Ba sitting next to him holding his hand and caressing his forehead. Ba is 89 years of age and a long time attendee and a radiant soul at our Awakin gatherings on Tuesdays. From the time i have known them i have always seen them together. Laughing, chatting, exchanging those adorable looks, seeing deeply in each other’s eyes, eating and sharing together, watching the sunset and so much more. After all it was 64 years of partnership…as Ba says it was like growing ... Read Full Story

Silent Wednesday, On A Tuesday Here ...

May 15, 2013, 1 comments, 6 smiles Silent Wednesday, on a Tuesday here in Nigdi, Pune made special by Nithya Shanti....as he quotes "How Wonderful!" So much inspiration, so much insight and yet the Silence flows............

My First Wednesday Yesterday. So ...

Jul 26, 2012, 1 comments, 6 smiles My first Wednesday yesterday. So long have been just reading about it, yesterday experienced it for a very small time. I missed the silent meditation, as I was late to reach the Urban Ashram negotiating through the heavy traffic in the city of Pune. I was feeling so restless that I could not be a part of the silent meditation, yet was trying to keep my cool. At last we entered the room and some of them were sharing their experiences. As I sat there I did not feel the need of making myself a part of it as I simply got into it. I felt the silence blanketing around me, for a moment felt is this the after effect of the silent meditation that all of them talk? Should be - I felt. I have early heard the sound of silence, but this was a different tune in its own way. Sheetal, Khusmita, Suvid and all who were sharing their experiences are such wonderful folks. The smile card that I received really made me smile and keeps me smiling. Thank you Nipun for leading me till the Urban Ashram and all for making my Wednesday so special.