About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to live each day selflessly for a cause for others.

A good day to me is when ... When i see a new leaf or a flower bloom, When birds come to my window sil for water or grain and so many more and lastly When i breathe....a full breathe.

My hero in life is ...Many in our day to day life. For eg. My simply clad gardener who unknowingly showed me a path which I was searching for long without asking.

My favorite book is ...The Monk who sold his Ferrari

One thing I'm grateful for is ... This day that I am living...

Lesson In Prayer From My Mother

Nov 22, 2017, 16 comments, 16 smiles As kids, I remember how we siblings (me and my younger two sisters) used ask so many questions to Mom and she relentlessly used answer without any grudge. Mom, our first teacher, was always sincere in answering the questions we asked not in a childish way to put us off but for us to think more deeply. In that age, she was a complete encyclopedia for us with all her supportive patience. I remember one day very vividly while walking on the street, we heard a siren of an ambulance pass by. Mom paused, while I tried to pull her to walk ahead, but she just was still, as if anchored for that moment. After sometime I asked her what she was doing at that moment and her answer ceased me for a while. She replied, "Whenever you hear the siren of an ambulance, just take a few seconds to pray for ... Read Full Story

An Unexpected Friend At Our Awakin Circle

Jul 10, 2017, 32 comments, 41 smiles It was yet another Tuesday. My favorite day of the week, since its Awakin Day for our local community on the outskirts of Pune. As is my regular practice, I finish up cooking in the first half of the day, then tidy up the kitchen, and close with the rest of the daily chores. On this day, 10 people had RSVP'd and everything was planned accordingly. Then, at 4PM, I got a call from an attendee saying that he 7 visitors from Chandigarh are coming! I was suddenly flustered -- what to do now? It's already past 4PM and I'm not sure how to cook for 7 more people. As I try to be still, my neighbor Chumiki (also a regular at Awakin) calls for some small issue and asks, "Can I make pulav (a rice dish) for the evening?" It was as if the universe was listening in. I tell her ... Read Full Story