About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I wish to serve..with love..

A good day to me is when ... When I laugh..which is everyday :) and more when I make someone else laugh :)

My hero in life is ...Life itself !

My favorite book is ...Jonathan Livingston seagull

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Being in the company of noble friends in this journey..holding hands and walking together..

Don't Forget To Zoom Within

Apr 15, 2020, 6 comments, 15 smiles Isolate physically, yet don't create a despondent, desolate homepage. Connect Virtually, yet don't be so enamored by clicking on connections that you forget to 'zoom' within. Wash your hands often, yet don't wash your hands off your responsibilities, your commitments, your integral action. Wear a mask to protect your self, yet do make an effort to unmask your true feelings, emotions and authentic expression with loved ones. Stay at home, yet strive endlessly to walk yourself and humanity 'truly back home'. Honor the lockdown, yet don't lock down your spirit, your compassion, your generosity, and your hope. Maintain social distance, yet acknowledge and build bridges of warmth, trust and genuine empathy in all relationships. Make all efforts to 'Flatten the Curve' of Coronavirus, yet don't forget to straighten the lines of our vision, Unite the scope of our perspectives, embrace the oneness of our hearts raise the bar of our shared reality Ascend the heights of our collective consciousness

Warming Up For Karma Kitchen Poland!

Sep 28, 2017, 7 comments, 34 smiles A photo worth cherishing, as we don the Karma Kitchen aprons during the warm-up of our Sunday event! (Yes, that's Rev. Heng Sure in the middle. :))

Getting To Poland :)

Sep 18, 2017, 3 comments, 28 smiles They say that joy is in the journey, and I would add that wisdom is in the journey too. Last year, at Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Sheetal met Rev. Heng Sure for the first time. He shared an unexpected 10 minute car ride with him, which ended up being deeply transformative for him. Since then, he has been doing a bow every morning. He wrote to him: "Your 10 minute dharma talk really lit a light bulb in me. If I remember correctly, you mentioned that bowing is about emptying the mind and purifying the heart. It is akin to opening and emptying the Pandora's box of emotions. I am glad you shared this as often times after a spiritual practice, I end up feeling worse off instead of blissful. Now all I need to do is "Sweep Clean" the inner junk. I've also been playing the anti-greed mantra aka I-Have-Enough on ... Read Full Story

Riding The MovedByLove Waves :)

Jul 03, 2017, 10 comments, 20 smiles Last week, 14 anchors from different parts of India came together for a call to synch up on various moving parts of Moved by Love ecosystem. Not everyone is aware of all the parts, so below are our notes to share the updates ... High-level view: Overall, we're seeing increasing fluidity of engagement, which helps build a resilient community. Local deep ties are supported by HHH retreats, Awakin Circles, Karma Kitchen (like Hyderabad), 1-day retreats (Baroda), and other projects (WisdomCrafts). Virtual deep ties are supported by Laddership Circles, Awakin Dialogues,and ServiceSpace calls. Virtual loose ties are supported by monthly newsletters, thematic newsletters (Seeds+T, Art+T), global newsletters like DailyGood and KarmaTube. Local loose ties are supported by public talks (by so many of us, including JB/AB) and media coverage (Seva Cafe). Untapped opportunity lies is building more pathways across the matrix of virtual/local and loose/deep ties. Question:what should be the focus of our year-end tsunami? :) Where are we ... Read Full Story

Laddership Retreat In India

Nov 13, 2016, 22 smiles Our year-end tsunami of action just kicked off with a bang, as completed our 3-day "Laddership Retreat" with coordinators from around the country (and Zilong!), full of smiles and joy and ripples ... more coming soon. :)

Neerad Smiles After 100 Days

Jun 29, 2016, 1 comments, 17 smiles Lots of goodness continues with our local Moved By Love communities. Around India, dozens of Awakin Circles (with translated Awakin readings every week), we are having monthly 'Hands, Head, Heart' retreats, and collectively we're "building the field" with so many new projects popping up continuously. As many of you know, Neerad recently had a bone marrow transplant, it's been really inspiring to see how various local volunteers have been stepping up their kindness. Below is a photo from a visit last week, to celebrate Neerad's 100 days after surgery:

Moved By Love Anthem :)

Oct 01, 2015, 1 comments, 13 smiles We have many "Moved By Love" retreats every year, and each one holds a special significance in our hearts.  Below is a beautiful song that was created and sung by the participants of the September retreat ... 

Reflections From Recent Moved By Love Retreat

Aug 30, 2015, 8 smiles After Rev. Heng Sure's touching story was shared, we did three steps and a bow for peace within ourselves and peace in the world. In the closing circle as everyone poured their hearts out, we all felt a certain peace descend within our hearts as though we had been washed clean, and put out to dry in the sunshine :) As we hugged and danced to Nimo bhai's heartwarming songs and looked deeply into each others eyes, acknowledging the interconnections of our lives,we truly experienced Oneness together as a collective - Reflections from recent Moved By Love retreat    

Choosing Suffering Over Safety - Reflections From

Aug 20, 2015, 3 comments, 14 smiles Last evening at our Awakin circle in pune, I felt an expansiveness and a unique energy filling the room.Choosing suffering over safety, the passage last evening was so profound and so deep that we somehow landed up having 2 rounds of sharing as a lot was emerging just after the first round for many people. As people were connecting with their grief and moments of transformation through suffering, I felt a healing take place. Almost like one was taking a deep, slow breath, tasting the fullness of life for the very first time. Connecting within, acknowledging the pain and letting it go..into the safety and warmth of the circle as each was held in an unconditional embrace of love.. Amongst the many reflections, Vaibhavi shared how her younger sister's twin children Krishna and Gauri, 3.5 year olds now, were diagnosed as deaf almost 2 years ago. Her sister and her husband were ... Read Full Story

Three Steps And Bow Gratitude From India

Mar 19, 2015, 3 comments, 16 smiles Last week, as we bowed once again to close our Moved by Love retreat, our entire community was washed with emotions of immense gratitude for this simple yet profound 3-steps-and-a-bow practice of values and surrender. As anchors, Shaalini and I felt very called to share what this practice truly means to us and how bowing our heads to the ground is cultivating deep seeds of love, faith, humility, gratitude and surrender within us even if we don't realize it at the time. Just felt like acknowledging this invaluable gift that many elders in the ServiceSpace community have instilled within so many of us. As each person shared with tears in their eyes, their profound experiences, we couldn't help but pass on all the metta to all of you ... and especially Rev. Heng Sure and Marty for gifting us this inspired practice of love and peace. Thank you. For me, I had this deep realization that even when all of us move on, these values will still stay alive ... and that was very empowering.