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Consider Your Wake

Dec 16, 2018 Many of us like to consider the impact we make as a "footprint" we leave behind. But what if instead of a footprint, we imagined our actions leaving a wake? In this article, Andy Smallman explores how the metaphor of a boat in the water can be applied to our daily decisions and interpersonal exchanges. Just as a boat creates waves that affect the vessels around it, so too do our words and actions influence the unfolding of our days and the relationships with those whom we encounter. "Among the things I like about the wake image is that a wake is strongest when it's new and close, and it comes in contact with lots of things as time passes," Smallman writes. "In this way it is significant both right away AND in the future, the form of significance just being different." [Full Story]

How To Live A More Courageous Life

Dec 15, 2018, 1 smiles When confronted with fear, the brain will seek relief in the form of old coping habits if left to its own devices. However, there are things we can do to help it change course. If we set the stage for courage, our awareness of what happens to us becomes our greatest ally. "The more you interrupt the old fear-based habits and replace fear-based responses with responses to boost courage, the more you create a 'courage habit.' By living your life with courage, you'll be more likely to make the changes that will lead to greater fulfillment -- whether that's embarking on a new relationship or job, or helping to save the world." In this article from Greater Good, five tips for changes in your life that will make you aware of how you experience fear, and support courage. [Full Story]

8 World-Views And Practices By Mark Nepo

Dec 14, 2018 Since prehistoric hunters had to work together in order to survive, people have had to learn how to share both the workload and the harvest, and the problems and the joys. Through the centuries, traditions have formed and complexities have grown. But the health of all community depends on how we treat each other. This article explores eight worldviews and the practices they offer. Each can help us stay wholehearted, authentic, and in true relationship to life and each other. [Full Story]

Another World

Dec 13, 2018 The creators of the film "Another World" assert that it will change the way you see your world. This documentary is about "mankind's journey to discover its true force and identity...It is a quest through science and consciousness, individual and planetary, exploring our relationships with ourselves, the world around us, and the universe as a whole." The filmmakers urge us to become "active, conscious agents of life, creating a better and brighter future for the present and future generations." Watch the film trailer here to learn more. [Full Story]

Shin Terayama: A Radical Healing

Dec 12, 2018 From his hospital bed one night, Terayama had a strange dream. He was looking at his body in a coffin. He was 47, and did not yet know he had cancer. That soon changed. After surgery, chemo and radiationwith his cancer now out of reach of medical curehe went home to face death. A few mornings later, I had a very strange sensation in my body. When the sun came up, the sunlight came into my heart, very strong energy. It was amazing. Thirty-five years later, Shin is Executive Director of the Japan Holistic Medical Society, and much more [Full Story]

For 11 Years She Taught 250 Kids For Free

Dec 11, 2018, 1 smiles Getting access to education for children in rural communities is a problem faced by countries across the world. In India, there is a program launched by the government in 1975 focused on bringing healthcare, education, and nutrition to rural communities through an anganwadi, or 'courtyard shelter.' Anganwadis are vital to these populations, pulling children young enough to attend preschool from helping their families by working in the fields. Providing a foothold into education means these children can go on to attend primary and secondary school, get good jobs, study at universities, and give back to their families. In the southern Indian state of Maharashtra, one woman has changed the lives of hundreds by selflessly opening a no-charge anganwadi out of her own home. [Full Story]

Hats Warm Heads And Hearts Of Kids With Cancer

Dec 10, 2018, 2 smiles What started as an entrepreneurship project of two college students, Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller, grew into something much greater. Love Your Melon, founded in 2012, has taken the nation by storm and is supporting thousands of children with cancer each year. For every hat sold, one hat is donated to a child with cancer, helping to alleviate the shame and embarrassment that often accompanies the hair loss resulting from chemotherapy. The two founders view the hats as an icebreaker, providing physical and emotional warmth to the children they hope to get to know better during hospital visits. "We want to inspire communities to make this their own," says Quinn. "And be able to continue it forever." [Full Story]

We Are Still Here

Dec 09, 2018 Many indigenous cultures that once existed are now part of past history. However, many of those cultures are indeed alive; examples of resilience and strength. Camille Seaman, an award-winning photographer and Native American, was troubled by her childhood experiences hearing her culture and her people described in the past tense. As she says, "we are still here". With her camera and her purpose, she documents the beauty and self-identity of indigenous people through portraiture. Use her essay as a gateway of discovery into the fascinating ways people the world over are "telling our own stories". [Full Story]

Farewell Badger

Dec 07, 2018 We cross many thresholds of partings in life; sometimes as the one leaving and sometimes as the one staying behind. Often, the farewell that must be expressed is to some emotion or aspect of ourselves we need to release in order to move forward. Pause for a moment and consider a farewell you are facing. Then open your heart and experience this soulful many-layered story of how to approach partings with grace and gratitude. [Full Story]

An Unlikely Friendship Reignites Two Artists

Dec 03, 2018 Brian Peterson didn't know what he had in common with Matt Faris when he went out of his way to meet his Santa Ana, Calif., neighbor. Every day, Peterson would pass by Faris, who has been homeless for more than a decade. But it took some guts, Peterson admits, to finally walk up to him. It was during that first conversation that they discovered they shared the pursuit of art. And Peterson, a car designer who hadn't picked up a paintbrush in eight years, found inspiration in Faris. Read on to see how these two former strangers ignited the inner artist in each other. [Full Story]