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Activism In A Pandemic : Progressive Examples From

Jun 03, 2020 Each month the Commons Library provides a small taste of actions and events which challenged the status quo and pointed to better ways forward via their ever growing "From Little Things Big Things Grow: Events That Changed Australia" list. These posts generally focus on events from a particular month, but in response to the Coronavirus pandemic they are sharing protests, campaigns and events from the past which highlight ways in which we can undertake action whilst maintaining safe health practices. [Full Story]

Zadie Smith On Optimism And Despair

Jun 02, 2020 "Caught in the maelstrom of the moment, we forget this cyclical nature of history -- history being merely the rosary of moments the future strings of its pasts. We forget that the present always looks different from the inside than it does from the outside -- something James Baldwin knew when, in considering why Shakespeare endures, he observed: "It is said that his time was easier than ours, but I doubt it -- no time can be easy if one is living through it." We forget that our particular moment, with all its tribulations and triumphs, is not neatly islanded in the river of time but swept afloat by massive cultural currents that have raged long before it and will rage long after." [Full Story]

Eight Verses For Training The Mind

Jun 01, 2020 The Prison Mindfulness Institute's mission is to provide prisoners, prison staff and prison volunteers, with the most effective, evidence-based tools for rehabilitation, self-transformation, and personal & professional development. In particular, they provide and promote the use of proven effective mindfulness-based interventions (MBI's). Their dual focus is on transforming individual lives as well as transforming the corrections system as a whole in order to mitigate its extremely destructive impact on families, communities and the overall social capital of our society. 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' is a text available on their website. It was composed by the Buddhist Master Langri Tangpa (1054-1123). This revered text from the Mahayana Lojong (mind training) tradition offers powerful practices for cultivating a mind of compassion, wisdom, and love. [Full Story]

Wells Of Living Water

May 31, 2020 Poet and writer, Ron Hobbs, has explored life from many angles and has the stories to prove it. He writes, Many years later I was working on a tramp-steamer that had pulled into Haiti. I hiked off on my own to learn the island. It was hot and mid-afternoon and I thirsted. I saw an old woman working her garden. Ma'am. Ma'am! Excuse me. I'm a stranger here and I am thirsty. Could I please have a drink of water? [Full Story]

Freedom From Addiction: The Presence Of A Moment

May 30, 2020 "Millions of recovering addicts the world over can trace their spiritual lineage back to the Mayflower Hotel. Back to the exact moment when the psyche of the Western world slipped a cog, to the sliver of a choice of one man, when inevitable destruction, despair, and eventual death enveloping the world of alcoholics jumped into what Bill Wilson would come to describe as a fourth dimension. Back to when the desperation of powerlessness exploded into hope." What follows is an article that shares the remarkable story of A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson. [Full Story]

NBA Mental Coach Shares 7 Ways You Can Thrive Under

May 29, 2020 Do you ever wonder how a basketball player can stand at the free throw line with the game in his hands in front of 30 million viewers and casually sink a shot? How about when a surgeon is in the middle of a procedure and the patient starts to bleed profusely, or when a lawyer has to convince a jury that her innocent client isn't guilty of murder? How do they keep their heads?Graham Betchart, the director of mental training at Lucid Performance, prepares people for these exact moments. [Full Story]

Turning Ourselves Towards Stability And Hospitality

May 28, 2020 "The Benedictine-Camaldolese monk, Bruno Barnhart says it very well: We humans prefer a manageable complexity to an unmanageable simplicity. A complex instability is our typical default setting. Restless with where and how and who we are, we think we need to be somewhere else, or live some other way, or be someone else." David Mckee shares more. [Full Story]

Manifesto For A Moral Revolution

May 27, 2020 "Moral reckonings are being driven to the surface of our life together: What are politics for? What is an economy for? Jacqueline Novogratz says the simplistic ways we take up such questions -- if we take them up at all -- is inadequate. Novogratz is an innovator in creative, human-centered capitalism. She has described her recent book, 'Manifesto for a Moral Revolution', as a love letter to the next generation." More in this interview from On Being. [Full Story]

Vertical Literacy: Reimagining The 21st-Century

May 26, 2020 The traditional output of universities knowledge is not the missing piece to catalyzing social change. MIT Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer offers a new university model that builds the capacity to lead transformative change through deeper inner work and outer knowledge, so we no longer collectively create environmental, social, and economic results that nobody wants. [Full Story]

Contact With The Sacred

May 25, 2020 With spectacular visual images, this film reminds us of the necessity of connecting with the sacred in everyday life. It honors the sacred through sensory feelings of connection, with both the vast expanses such as mountain tops and waterfalls, and with the single dandelion sending its seeds into the future. This connection is further enhanced by the peaceful music that accompanies the images, providing a total experience of having touched the sacred. [Full Story]