About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am finally home.

A good day to me is when ... I do little acts to strengthen the silver strings that connect all of us.

My hero in life is ...the many inspiring souls I keep meeting in this journey

My favorite book is ...Florence Nightingale

One thing I'm grateful for is ... the feeling of gratitude :)

Small Acts At Mia's Play

Jul 26, 2015, 1 comments, 12 smiles Last Saturday, a crew of folks went to see Mia perform in her current play. Not only were we blown away by her beautiful acting, but the small acts of love throughout the entire evening left us spilling over with gratitude. From gifting each other tickets before the show, to creating a minor scene at dinner afterwards as we all attempted to treat each other to the meal, to even driving in circles on steep SF streets to drop us off safely at our parked car. This happened again in the parking garage, and then at the gas station, as small touches of care showered each interaction. It's amazing how much abundance surfaces when we multiply by each other's simple intentions to give. :)

Sneak Peek Into Our Awakin Call Today.

Mar 29, 2014, 3 comments, 10 smiles We had a beautiful Awakin Call with Sureshbhai Parmar this morning/afternoon/evening :). Sureshbhai has visited over 700 villages and continues his noble work of inspiring change by building heart to heart connections, one village at a time. We will be posting a detailed blog entry in the coming week, In the meantime, here are some tidbits from his reflections: "Do your duty with no expectations, the fruits will blossom naturally." "My work with environmental sanitation is my inner communion with God." "Noble friends uncover the cleanliness of heart within." "When we try to teach someone something, we work with our head, not our heart. Practise small actions from the heart and that will inspire folks to evolve on their own."  "Let's go towards internal purification, not external achievement." Thank you Sureshbhai for your ever loving, inspiring spirit :).

Mind With Heart

Mar 27, 2014, 3 smiles Our Awakin call guest last week was Vinciane Rycroft. In an amazing conversation moderated by Trishna Shah, Vinciane shared insights on her experiences with bringing the timeless tradition of mindfulness into the schools and hearts of our youth. Vinciane’s thoughts on teaching with empathy summed up beautifully from an article she had put together for “The Guardian”: "Teaching empathy is experiential, there is no flash card for empathy, it does not develop like that, you have to see it to experience it, so you need to teach with empathy. My main advice to teachers is very simple- Let us be people, human beings before we are teachers".   We will be posting a detailed blog entry on our conversation with Vinciane. In the mean time, here are some quotes from our conversation to mull on: “Mindfulness is the first tool for empathy and compassion. That can come up with the ability to be ... Read Full Story

An Awakin Call To Remember!

Mar 09, 2014, 3 comments, 17 smiles Yesterday we hosted a very special Awakin Call with a very special person. He goes by many names, but we mostly know him Nipun. :-) We had callers from around the world who called with upwards of 250 RSVP's! While it was hard to type at the same speed Nipun was sharing insights (there were so many!), we were lucky to have captured a few moments to share on social media. :-) And few tidbits we shared on social media: "You will not find today's Gandhis on TV. They don't seek glory, nor do they wear any uniforms." "My gateway to inner transformation is generosity." "If things are going good, practise kindness. If things are not going good, practise kindness."  "On inner transformation: get out of the way and let nature taking its course." "Everyone unfailingly responds to love."  "I am inspired by nature's organizing principles." "The reduction in my wants ... Read Full Story

One Of The Beauty Of Awakin ...

Mar 03, 2014, 7 smiles One of the beauty of Awakin Calls is it offers an opportunity to shine light on everyday change-makers who are being the change! Last Saturday, Moin Khan dazzled us in what Kanchan referred to as her favorite Awakin Call (ever!) and what Bela described as "most inspiring, most authentic".  On the call itself, callers were giving out their addresses so others on the call could stay with them!  Here's the call audio:  And few tidbits we shared on social media: "When you spend your life doing what you love, you don't earn enough to pay your bills but you go to bed smiling every night." "I planned to go through 17 countries but ended up visiting 22 countries all because I did not have a GPS." "Not a single word of English was shared but we had long conversations." "I love this idea of getting lost and someone will find you and get you food and help you sleep." "Stuff happens, don't panic, it will eventually be all right." 

Byte Size Wisdom From Vlad Moskovski

Jul 08, 2013, 2 smiles One of the beauty of Forest Calls is it offers an opportunity to shine light on everyday change-makers who are being the change! Last week, we had the honor of having a conversation with one such hero, Vlad Moskovski. Here are few words of wisdom (all in less that 140 characters :-)) that we shared on social media.  "The purpose of my life came down to being of service in the greatest possible way." "On the surface it looks like I'm teaching yoga, but there is more depth that is below surface.​" "Everytime I interact w/ people, I'm teaching them how to breathe better and feel better." "But really what I want for them to do is have an experience of freedom, peace, and unity w/ the world." "I live in a community where we have intentional values that we have all agreed upon." "We are all committed to improving ourselves through meditation, ... Read Full Story

Byte Size Wisdom From Sachi Maniar :-)

Jul 01, 2013, 5 comments, 14 smiles Last week, we had a very special guest on Forest Calls, Sachi Maniar. A bubbly love flower that effortlessly spreads love where-ever she goes. :-) Here are few tidbits we shared on social media and that resonated with me! "When you have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone, that is the end of it. There are no more barriers of borders." "Today, I speak the truth for today, if it changes tomorrow, then so be it." "Awakin Circles has an energy where it attracts the kind of people that instantly become family." "In doing whatever I'm doing, life is about being rooted and finding balance within those constraints." "When you are around Jayeshbhai, opportunities to serve naturally arise." "Activists need to be more like spiritualists and spiritualists need to be more like activists." "One of my favorite Kabir poem's: You can water a plant as much as you want, but it will only bloom on when ... Read Full Story

The Chain Goes On....:)

Jun 06, 2013, 2 comments, 16 smiles I was getting out of my house to go to work this morning when I found the sweetest surprise hanging at my door! I was tagged with delicious food from a very special offering. My day was made :). It was interesting to witness my change in attitude from the morning. I have been pretty busy the last few weeks with work, classes and exams. My thoughts shifted from planning the umpteen things for the day to devising plans to pay my fortune forward :). I changed my lesson plans at school today to include a discussion on smile cards and screened two inspiring videos from Karmatube. The children were thrilled at the idea of smile cards. I was amused at their responses when I asked them about how they would use the cards to experiment with kindness. One student thought that he could use the card to make a call to ... Read Full Story

Life Is Nothing But A Giant Pay-it-forward Carnival..

May 26, 2013, 3 comments, 9 smiles Life is nothing but a giant pay-it-forward carnival..       Sheetal Sanghvi is a timeless pilgrim who created the “Urban Ashram”, a space rooted in practices in inner transformation, generosity and service. In the five years since its inception, Urban Ashram has created a thriving community of seekers and change makers. In this conversation, Sheetal shares the onset of his journey, the simple yet profound truths he has unearthed on the way and stories about fellow travelers who inspire him. Here are some excerpts:                          VV: Were there particular moments in your life that started your journey on inner transformation? How did those experiences shape you to what you are today? SS: When I was nine, my father passed away due to a cardiac arrest. His death created a huge vacuum in my life. I was faced with a void. Questions such as, “What is ... Read Full Story

Our Forest Call Guest Today Was ...

May 18, 2013, 1 comments, 9 smiles Our forest call guest today was Sheetal. Sheetal mentioned how much Wednesdays at Santa Clara have nourished and inspired him. It is no surprise that he started Awakin circles in Pune and spread the love :). A few weeks ago, his wife Khushmita has posted a beautiful blog entry about Wednesdays at Ahmedabad and the inspiration Madhu and Meghna imbibed from the awakin circles they were at in Santa Clara. One act of service inspires another and another until what is left is circles of love that fill our world with ripples of more circles of love…