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I'm joining Service Space because ... Lovingkindness and service matter.

A good day to me is when ... I get to breathe.

My hero in life is ...Jesus

My favorite book is ...Job

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Family

Minute Of Silence With Greg In North Dakota

Aug 05, 2018, 8 comments, 19 smiles [At Gandhi 3.0, I met Greg, who kindly invited me to join speak at TedXFargo last week. At the end, he invoked all of you in gratitude, as we invited the sold-out audience of 2300 guests to engage in a minute of silence! I met some incredible people, including Greg's wife and daughter Harper! Below is the draft of my talk, not as delivered. :)] “MANOPAUSE & THE PERFORMANCE TRAP” I’m only 55, but I’ve already experienced five mid-life crises. Each of them was triggered by a desire to achieve something, to perform. (I’m having another one in front of you now.) My talk today is about “Manopause.” Actually, it’s about a man-on-pause, pondering in my 50s whether I am only as good as I perform. Manopause is different than a mid-life crisis. It’s more chronic. It feels more like an irritating detour or inconvenient passage into new state of Being, beyond doing ... Read Full Story