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I'm joining Service Space because ... I am moved by the generosity

A good day to me is when ... I am at peace with everything

My hero in life is ...no one yet

My favorite book is ...

One thing I'm grateful for is ... to have been blessed with everything I needed

How Seeds Multiply Effortlessly

Apr 02, 2017, 21 smiles [The theme for our Service Anchors call this month was "planting seeds".  Below is a story I shared this morning.] I want to share a story of how seeds planted in me are rippling out to my daughter. Few months ago, we hosted a party for my daughter's third birthday. One of my neighbor's kids -- a three year old named Liam -- started playing with a particular toy that my daughter had and he enjoyed playing with it the whole evening. Two days ago, Liam's father saw me at a nearby park and asked me, "Hey, Sairam, we are going to go to Hawaii and my son really liked that toy that your daughter had. Can you send me an Amazon link, or something, so he can play with it on the flight." You know where this story is headed :). Right away, I knew I'm not going to send him a link. ... Read Full Story

Compassion As A Service (aka Tech Presentation)

Sep 01, 2016, 7 comments, 36 smiles [Below is the transcript of a presentation I shared at 2016 ServiceSpace retreat.] Wow. What an incredible two days it's been. Thinking of yesterday, I teared up so much that I think yesterday gets the award for most goosebumps per hour in my entire life.  That's my new metric now -- goosebumps per hour. :)  Before sharing our tech presentation, I would like to start by elaborating a bit on my journey with ServiceSpace. Compared to many of you that spoke already, I am probably the infant in this whole space, taking baby steps, but I'm still going to attempt reflecting on the shift that's happened in my journey. When I think back 6 years ago, I first met Ram and I distinctly remember our first meeting. We were on the same broader team umbrella at work, and the first topic that we ever spoke about is ServiceSpace! That's because my boss was ... Read Full Story