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Journey Of The Noble Ones

Apr 17, 2020, 3 comments, 10 smiles [On the morning before our retreat formally began, many of us gathered on the retreat campus for a series of dialogues under a banyan tree. Below is Jasky's powerful conversation with Coleman! Originally posted in February 2020.] In the last few days, I've seen Coleman taking a lot of pictures. He is a great photographer. Coleman, could you share about your practice of photography? I like to think of myself as a landscape photographer. It's a type of meditation for me. Whenever I go out for a trek, it's my way of clearing my mind. So I don't think about anything else -- but really just be present and be one with nature. And, that is my best type of meditation. And I manage to capture just a sliver of time that is precious and very transient, but that's the only way we can really share that space, with limited time. Also, as ... Read Full Story

Tatva & Tantra Of Gandhian Values In The 21st Century

Jan 31, 2020, 20 smiles Pancho Ramos Stierle in conversation with Audrey Lin at MS University. The Q n A was coupled with questions that the students were holding in their hearts as they in their little ways were trying to be the change. Audrey: When we think of courage, we think of something big like conquering something or like fighting a greater beast. And yet, Pancho embodies a different kind of courage—gentleness as courage. We typically talk about how a stone can cause a ripple through water but Pancho makes us wonder if a dry old leaf can create a ripple too. In one of our sharing sessions, a man in New Jersey, USA shared a story of his father from South India who was visiting and had the habit of going on long walks every morning. Since it was winter and too cold to be walking outside, he decided to walk in a mall ... Read Full Story

10 Kinds Of Circles Volunteers Can Start!

Jul 04, 2018, 10 comments, 24 smiles When I talk to volunteers, a commonly asked question is often, "What can I do?" Our main response is "join a circle" or "start a circle". For the latter, most people think Awakin Circles are the only kind of circles, and hosting an Awakin can be intimidating for many. But in practice, there are actually lots of different circle options. Few of us just made a list of 10 different kinds of circles that are now also featured on the MBL site. Any more to add?

Playfulness At Karma Kitchen Surat -- In 41 Degree

May 31, 2018, 2 comments, 26 smiles We just got word about a remarkable Karma Kitchen Surat, that continues every month. With 41 degrees temperature (105 degrees Fahrenheit), people on the waitlist to get a seat at the restaurant sat in their cars until they got a call on their cell phone to enter. :) Given the demand for volunteers, they took on -- as usual -- a completely new crew of volunteers. And since May is the time of summer vacation, everything was designed around the theme of playfulness. Below you can see "menu" offered as a crossword puzzle, the name tags with "Class", and they even wore white shirts with name badges, "Class of 2018". The note of gratitude that Parag shared started with, "You guys don’t know what seeds you have planted." That was very generous, when actually it is quite impossible to distinguish seeds turning into fruits, and fruits cultivating seeds. :) Feeling grateful for the many love warriors of this ecosystem.

Labor Of Love: The Art Of Holding Questions!!

Apr 29, 2018, 4 comments, 17 smiles Last year November we hosted half a day gathering to dive deeper to explore idea of labor of love and understand the many nuances of sustaining it. The intention of this gathering was to really listen to inspiring stories, help each other identify multiple forms of capitals and intelligences that could be hiding in plain sight and build friendships to support each other’s intentions well beyond the gathering. At Servicespace we have always talk about the spectrum and diversity and therefore by nature’s way of designing we had a diverse group come together. The idea was to really hold space for the stories that were to emerge and look at the fruition of such holding. The gathering brought together a diverse group of volunteers and entrepreneurs working on a variety of ideas – from an IITian who decides to give up a lucrative career to a life of self-restraint and spiritual ... Read Full Story

Rivers Are Dying. What Can I Do?

Jul 06, 2017, 12 smiles In a recent email thread, we saw an inspiring film around river going dry. (Coming soon to Karmatube.) It really raises the question, what can we do? How do we not lose hope? Of course, you hear good news like 66 million trees planted in 12 hours in Madhya Pradesh this week. But the problem seems so much bigger: India has been losing its forests (in spite of many tree planting efforts) for a long time. Tamil Nadu was hit by a drought last and this year of such severity not seen in 140 years. Most important rivers of the country have been in a bad shape for a long time. Yamuna being the worst example. Water bodies in almost every state of the country have been disappearing Not just in India, but around the world, farmers and farming itself have been dying For most people in the world, Nature has lost its meaning These aren't just environmental issues, ... Read Full Story

Researching 21 Days Kindness Challenge!

Dec 03, 2015, 3 comments, 13 smiles This is the message Maria got from one of her research participants :).  Maria had taken '21 days kindness challenge' as her research topic for the final year thesis work in her masters programme. She worked with 30 boys in her program. It has been so heart warming to hear her stories and reflection from these boys. Here are some of the reflections.  Here is a beautiful picture of Maria and the 30 heros!   

This Article Appeared In Times Of ...

Nov 25, 2015, 3 comments, 25 smiles This article appeared in Times of India after Nipun's talk at the Rotary Club of Chennai yesterday. He is now in Hyderabad getting ready for 3 talks (including an Awakin) and 2 circles for today (that's right in 1 day!) Pavi had recently shared this about Nipun, which is quite appropriate: "He is one of the most quietly contagious forces for good I know and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon."  

Arun Dada And Meera Ba On Simplicity

Jan 15, 2015, 20 smiles I happened to be with Arun Dada and Meera Ba recently, where we were speaking about the experience of the 21 day Simple Living Challenge. They were happy to know about the challenge and share their good wishes with the KindSpring community.  Considering they live extremely simple lives, we thought we'd ask them some questions about it. Question: Why should we live a simple life? Arun Dada: As your needs increase, your mind has more and more fodder to get engaged with. The longer your mind dwells in the mundane, the higher its chance to get entangled and lose the open and free sky it needs to rest in its true nature. Meera Ba: There is a beautiful saying, “The more you have the less you are. The less you have the more you are.” Either you flourish or the material around you flourishes. The more you possess outside the less opportunities you have to ... Read Full Story

Finding Those Three Magical Words

Oct 29, 2014, 7 comments, 21 smiles Two weeks ago, a few of us visited an elderly Gandhian couple in Baroda -- Arun Dada and Mira Ba. Now in their 80s, their entire life has been rooted in generosity. As students of Vinoba, they have never put a price tag on their labor. Their presence speaks to a life-long practice of equanimity, trust and compassion. And so do their stories. "Nine years ago, we were gifted this house," Arun Dada told us. The week they moved in, they discovered that their neighbor was a drunkard, prone to fits of violence. Just a couple days after their move, they noticed that their front-yard was filled with food items and alcohol. It turned out that the neighbor also ran a catering business, and thought he could use Arun Dada's front yard for storage space. Arun Dada naturally protested. "Sir, this is our home now, we don't drink or take non-vegetarian food, and ... Read Full Story