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Nuggets From Neil Douglas-Klotz's Call

Aug 05, 2021, 1 comments, 2 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Neil Douglas-Klotz. Neil Douglas-Klotz, a Sufi poet, musician and renowned scholar in religious studies and psychology, is a pioneer in the radical translation and transliteration of Jesus's words in the original language to reveal a mystical, feminist, and cosmic Christ. When Douglas-Klotz first learned the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, he recited the words and then chanted the sounds over and over again. “My body began to feel feelings I hadn’t felt before. It was a visionary experience, a hal [expanded state, in Arabic].” He has engaged in deep exploration of the body, mystical and expanded states of consciousness, and the early pre-religious ways of the three Abrahamic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—which he explains reflect movement of a universe that is holistic, fluid, and conscious. Our time together included two profound guided prayers by Neil. Here are a handful of luminous nuggets ... Read Full Story

Neil Douglas-Klotz: Breathing Life Into Prayer &

Jul 28, 2021, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Neil Douglas-Klotz: Breathing Life Into Prayer & ScriptureReflection questions: When in your life has something important felt lost in translation? How did you come into the deeper or broader meaning of the concept or experience?

Nuggets From Ra Avis's Call

Jun 28, 2021, 6 smiles Last Saturday, thanks to seeds planted by Kozo long ago, we had the joy of hosting an Awakin Call with the radiant Ra Avis. Ra's words are-- like the meaning of her self-chosen name-- rare birds. They flutter on the page and in the air between us like a feathered revolution. Soft, strong, strangely insistent, pulsing with intelligence, and very easy to love. Through her words she kindles connections, magnetizes community and explores some of the most meaningful questions that humans are capable of asking themselves and each other. Hard to corral her wide-ranging frightfully wondrous Awakin Call into a selection of nuggets. Instead I'll just open a window onto the conversation, and let a few assorted excerpts, like bright-winged birds sing their way forward. I believe in my capacity for loving, endlessly, more than I believe in anything else about myself. - Ra Avis If you really knew me, you'd know that ... Read Full Story

Ra Avis: The Frightfully Wondrous Experience Of Being

Jun 23, 2021, 3 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Ra Avis: The Frightfully Wondrous Experience Of Being HereReflection questions: How do you transform fright into wonder and let go of the sometimes unforgiving nature of life itself?

Don Berwick: Health Care As A Loving Relationship

Jan 23, 2021 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Don Berwick: Health Care As A Loving Relationship Reflection questions: Into what unexpected dimensions of your life do you seek to bring love? What practices or guiding principles do you have that help you bring forth this love?

Matthew Fox: Mysticism, Intuition, And The Divine

Jan 10, 2021 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Matthew Fox: Mysticism, Intuition, And The Divine FeminineReflection questions: Our guest draws from Einstein's saying that we've been given two gifts: rationality and intuition, and that the first should serve the second, because only in intuition, do we get our values. "You don't get values from rationality," he says. "You get method, but not values.” What practices allow you connect with intuition and the creative, feminine energy, rather than rational, left-brain energy alone?

Nuggets From Paul Farmer's Call

Dec 24, 2020, 8 smiles The Way It Is There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change. People wonder about what you are pursuing. You have to explain about the thread. But it is hard for others to see. While you hold it you can’t get lost. Tragedies happen; people get hurt or die; and you suffer and get old. Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding. You don’t ever let go of the thread. --William Stafford Moderator Cynthia Li opened last Saturday's Awakin Call with this poem from Paul Farmer's new book, "Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds: Ebola and The Ravages of History." It rang through the space like an invocation, and set the tone for a conversation that took many of us by surprise--Paul included."Coming into this interview I thought --they are going to drop my blood pressure down to 80 over palp-. They are so mellow -- but no! You've gotten me worked up with these questions. They ... Read Full Story

Paul Farmer: Partners In Health: Repairing The Many

Dec 16, 2020 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Paul Farmer: Partners In Health: Repairing The Many Pandemics Of Our TimesReflection questions: Can you recall a time when you intentionally moved toward a crisis instead of away from it? What gave you the courage and strength to do so?

Karla McLaren: The Language Of Emotions

Sep 09, 2020, 7 comments, 2 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Karla McLaren: The Language Of EmotionsReflection questions: Our guest this week is an expert on the language of emotions, and most recently has focused on anxiety -- embracing it, and accessing its genius. She believes that anxiety is an essential source of foresight, intuition and energy that can help you look ahead, organize yourself, and gather the energy you need to get things done. What are you anxious about, and what might be the opportunities underlying it?

Nuggets From Linda Scotson's Call

Aug 25, 2020, 1 comments, 3 smiles Over and above what the busy world prioritizes as important — there is something more beautiful and far -reaching. To some degree everyone knows this. It is in all of us. -- Linda Scotson Earlier this month we had the privilege of hosting a moving Awakin Call with Linda Scotson.   What follows below is a summary of Linda’s call and introduction to her inspiration and technique. We recommend that you read the summary below, and then review the following specific resources about her technique, which include recordings of subsequent video workshops she held with us: Trishna created this masterful PDF that distills detailed instructions on the different steps of the Linda Scotson Technique, along with contextual background information and clarifying tips, diagrams and illustrations. Here is the recording of the first practice session that Linda did with us after the Awakin call. We hosted a subsequent workshop series with Linda in November 2020, and here are the resources ... Read Full Story