About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I'm learning – moment-by-moment – how to be of service.

A good day to me is when ... my heart is open and I'm in relationship with other open hearts.

My hero in life is ...everyone who aspires toward truth, love, and being of service.

My favorite book is ...hmm...right now, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I'm fully present.

Love Without Conditions

Mar 28, 2012, 2 comments, 6 smiles For years I've had this quote posted on my cubicle wall at work because I knew, intuitively, that it contained vast wisdom. Now, years later, more water has flowed under the bridge and now I know they are true from personal experience, and am so grateful for the seeds these quotes planted in me. Here is quote from Paul Ferrini's Love Without Conditions: "You will find all kinds of methods to teach you 'how to be'. But, as long as there is a method, you will be 'doing'. I am telling you to drop all your methods. They are not necessary. Simply cease judging, interpreting, conceptualizing, speculating. Let all that is not 'being' fall away. And then being will flower of itself. Then grace will unfold out of the seeming randomness of events. And you will understand the meaning and be glad that it is so. "There is no one ... Read Full Story

Another Powerful Note Expressing Gratitude

Oct 02, 2011 Kanchan kindly passed along to all of us a very touching email to warm the heart and remind us that when we give unconditionally the ripples can be unpredictable and serendipitous: "How wonderful --I did not know you are all volunteers-- how many of you are there, behind the scenes? Wow! .... I think it is absolutely life-changing and hugely transformative, what you are all doing with these sites--- you have already started a revolution in the world, one that has been needed for so long! Thanks to the far-reaching arms of the internet, you are able to hold so many people's hearts and nourish them with kindness, goodness, love, compassion, and beauty. You help to remind people all over the world of so much Good that there IS, much more than the "bad" that there seems to be all over the news. Good outnumbers Bad everywhere--- we needed something like Daily Good and Charity Focus and Karma Tube to remind us... we all need reminding. And i am so grateful to you volunteers behind the scenes who are DOING this for us all every day..never doubt that you are changing lives, healing hearts, and reviving souls , every day, all over this beautiful world.."

An Activity That Changed My Life

Sep 03, 2011, 1 comments   We just got a great comment on next week's iJourney reading on Difference Between Eah and Oh ... "A year ago, a dear teacher of mine, Anand, offered an activity at a workshop I attended.  He had us face a partner, whom we had never met or spoken with, and look deeply within each other’s eyes, unblinkingly, for a long period of time.  We were arms length away from each other, with our hands on each other’s shoulders.  He guided us, reminded us of breath awareness, and asked us to visualize from our hearts.  For me, this was excruciatingly uncomfortable, scary, and profoundly upsetting.  I am a very guarded person in public, and do not want to be exposed emotionally in any way, ever.  However, this of course is exactly what it takes to hold others reverently.  By allowing another to experience one’s heart, healing begins.  Through this eye contact, by acknowledging Divine presence within each other, we ... Read Full Story

Alan Shares ...

May 03, 2011 My kids first and foremost look to the parents as role models, for everything, including growing in compassion and empathy.  My girls are now teenagers and continue to surprise me with how much they've absorbed – quietly, without conscious effort on our part as parents.  A few years ago. I've always gone to great lengths to rescue spiders and such from the house, and my daughters have always been completely afraid of them, but instead of following my wife's oft-example of, well, dispatching them in haste, both my girls instead put a cup over them and leave them in place for me to take care of later.  I always assumed they were saving them to humor me, rather than from their own compassion, until one time my younger daughter and I found a spider in a sink. We were in a hurry and I, in an impulsive moment of expediency, ... Read Full Story