About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... i love everything about it :) because i want to cultivate in inner transformation.

A good day to me is when ... i'm authentic and being my highest self for myself and others.

My hero in life is ...My mother, my aunt, who is an auntie-mother :)

My favorite book is ...there are so many :) but one that stands out : Awakening the Buddhist heart by Lama Surya Das

One thing I'm grateful for is ... my breath.

A Doctor's Heart Of Compassion

May 14, 2019, 8 comments, 18 smiles [A few of us had the great joy of connecting with Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen earlier this month. She is a master story-teller, having collected stories of thousands of people. Lots of lovely tidbits came out in the conversation, which will be shared soon I’m sure, but for now here’s a powerful story we heard on her own early stages in the journey of transformation, with the help of an embodiment of compassion…] As a young person, I was driven to be the top dog. I was going to be the head of pediatrics of a major medical school -- the first woman head of the department of pediatrics in this country. The major medical school at the time happened to be Stanford, where I was working. I was bent on being this person! :) In order to do that, it was very clear to me that being a woman was a ... Read Full Story

The Story Of The Three Sisters

Jun 04, 2017, 3 comments, 10 smiles [Grateful for a circle this morning on the topic of 'weaving'. Below is the story, from Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass, that I briefly spoke about.] It should be them who tell this story. Corn leaves rustle with a signature sound, a papery conversation with each other and the breeze. On a hot day in July—when the corn can grow six inches in a single day—there is a squeak of internodes expanding, stretching the stem toward the light. Leaves escape their sheaths with a drawn-out creak and sometimes, when all is still, you can hear the sudden pop of ruptured pith when water-filled cells become too large and turgid for the confines of the stern. These are the sounds of being, but they are not the voice. The beans must make a caressing sound, a tiny hiss as a soft-haired leader twines around the scabrous stem of corn. Surfaces vibrate delicately against ... Read Full Story

What A Patient Taught Me About Healing

Apr 29, 2017, 5 comments, 28 smiles [A formative experience I shared at the Healing + T circle last weekend.] My journey started a while ago, about 10 years ago, as a new nurse. A really naïve and new nurse who really didn't know much about what healing meant. I thought healing meant that we're going to fix everybody, but I arrived at a very stark realization that healing means so many different things to so many people, and there's so many journeys that one can take to get there. Healing happens differently for everybody. It was a patient of mine that really taught me that lesson. For privacy's sake I'm going to call her Jojo. Jojo, when I first met her, was a 17 year old female. She was initially diagnosed with HIV, which later on progressed to AIDS, and was a young female that didn't really understand her diagnosis or her imbalance, her disease. Her parents kept that ... Read Full Story

Summer Interns 2014 Week 2 Moral Action

Jul 11, 2014, 8 smiles In this weeks theme our ServiceSpace Interns and Mentors discussed reflections around Moral Action.  We all have our moral compass that guides us in our day to day action, but how often do we take the time to dive deep within and understand that compass?  We asked our interns to reflect on what moral values and ethics form their character, how true and authentically do they live according to their own moral standard and what are the challenges they face in following their own standards in times of difficulty.  Each week our interns share from a deep space of authenticity and vulnerability and it was evident once again in our call this week.  At times it might be difficult to truly understand and look deeply at what it is that we value and how we wish to be treated. One intern shared he came to see that he best understands what ... Read Full Story

Summer Interns 2014 Week 1: Generosity

Jul 03, 2014, 10 smiles What insightful reflections from our bright summer interns who shared on our first weeks theme: Generosity.  During our call, we discussed the wealth we experience when we give unconditionally, truly giving without seeking anything in return, and how this helps us to undo the patterns of greed we may have unconsciously built up.  We touched questions around how we each practice generosity, what prevents us from giving, how to move from 'me' to 'we', to how well we receive generosity.   Mira shared that she practices generosity by doing random acts of kindness and likes this form of generosity.  She was handing out sandwiches to homeless people and despite being met with doubt, judgment and skepticism from peers at school she continued to practice giving because it brings her a lot of joy.  She hopes her peers will one day experience that joy for themselves too.  Often we have fears around giving ... Read Full Story