About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am learning to embrace service in every aspect of my life. The opportunity to practice generosity with Service Space as well as in my everyday life, has cracked my heart wide open.

A good day to me is when ... I am smiling and in my heart.

My hero in life is ...Mahatma Ghandi.

My favorite book is ...Peace Pilgrim. I am so inspird by Peace Pilgrim's trust in her path and the simplicity of her message.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The community of noble friends, whose love and support have given me the courage to look deeply within.

Oranges, Rocks, And Gratitude At SF Waldorf High

May 16, 2017, 8 smiles      Last Friday, we circled up with the senior class at San Francisco Waldorf High to share a gratitude circle, what has come to be an annual practice; in August we gather to practice Kindness and in May we meet again to reflect on gratitude before these beautiful young men and women begin their journey in the world. What comes to mind immediately as I reflect on our day together are the visible and invisible threads that bring us, as a Kindness Team, together to share presence with our youth. There are the ripples of love from our Kindness Day last August with the seniors: In January, SF Waldorf High seniors Yomi, Audrey and Milo collected oranges from Yomi’s family tree to gift Casa de Paz (leaving the oranges in a basket on the kitchen counter as not to wake a sleeping home, with a sweet note of gratitude!) There are ripples of ... Read Full Story

April 2 Bay Area Screening Of TEACH ME TO BE WILD

Mar 22, 2017, 1 comments, 15 smiles Dearest Friends, It is with great joy that we invite you to our first community screening of “TEACH ME TO BE WILD: A Story of Hurt Children & their Animal Healers.” This feature length (59 mins) documentary will be followed by a Q&A with Rajesh Krishnan and Anne Veh (filmmakers), Steve Karlin, John Malloy and other special guests. Sunday, April 2, 4:30 to 7 pm at The Lark Theater in Larkspur, CA To confirm your presence, please RSVP here Everyone is welcome, please feel free to share this invitation. There is no charge for admission, this event is offered in the spirit of a gift. We feel blessed to be the caretakers of this special story; we are grateful to ServiceSpace for it's example and inspiration. This five year labor-of-love project is a beautiful collaboration of noble friends. To learn more about the film and watch the trailer, please visit our film website. FILM SYNOPSIS TEACH ME TO BE ... Read Full Story

Our Kindness Team Received This Beautiful ...

Mar 08, 2017, 2 comments, 11 smiles Our Kindness Team received this beautiful note from Sunrise Middle School's Director today:) We had a beautiful closing to our 21-day gratitude challenge today. About eight students spoke to their peers about what the gratitude challenge meant for them. For many it was a chance to share deeply with their friends about something personal in their life. One speaker started crying when he expressed thanks for his uncle whom had died. Several spoke of how they realized they should be grateful for their parents, and how those changed familial relationships are now much improved. One said, “before my mom would just come home at 9 at night and go straight to bed (from work). Now she spends time with us.” The students then went outside and made beautiful tie dye shirts. Tomorrow they’ll write on these shirts the things they are thankful for and proudly wear them to school. Then we ... Read Full Story

Gratitude Day At Sunrise Middle School

Feb 13, 2017, 13 smiles It’s really quite simple, and also profoundly transformative; we gather in a circle, we invite the sharing of stories; stories open hearts; open hearts transform the circle into a sacred container of trust, trust invites a special quality of reflection, reflection invites transformation.      Last year, our local “Kindness Team” joined forces with the students and staff at San Jose’s Sunrise Middle School for a memorable Kindness Day, which spilled into a school wide 21-day Kindness Challenge. The stream of ripples that ensued inspired us to return this year, with a request to offer a new theme. Why not follow-up with a Gratitude Day to kick off a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge? With fresh memories from last year of students creating their own “free hugs” and “free compliment” signs, gifting flowers and personal gratitude notes to teachers, janitors and our own Kindness Team, we know the wisdom in creating a Gratitude Day starts ... Read Full Story

A Day Of Middle School Gratitude!

Feb 06, 2017, 4 comments, 18 smiles Last Wednesday, our "Kindness Team" gathered at Sunrise Middle School to kick-off their 21-day Gratitude Challenge. More stories to come, and in the meantime, here's some smile-filled photos from the day! One of the beautiful ripples was how the student council spent two weeks beforehand crafting 190 unique gratitude notes (one for every student and teacher!) -- inspired by Vinny's "You Are Loved" wall. :) Several of the student leaders were eager to surprise their classmates, and they came in early before school to post all the hearts up on a wall, which began with the words: "Made by people who truly care and love. You are so valued here. Always be yourself and never change!"     

Kindness Adventures Take Flight

Mar 12, 2016, 14 smiles On March 8, Sunrise Middle School in San Jose, celebrated Day 21 of their 21-Day Kindness Challenge by lifting their kindness wishes and adventures into the air. :) Here are some of the student reflections ...                                             Before I thought that the people who needed the most help were the people who asked for it. But really, it’s the people who stay quiet and who struggle who need the most help. I really think this challenge had a big impact on me. It helped me feel like even if there’s only one of you, you can still make a big impact on others. – Pedro, 7th grade I experienced Kindness when a friend helped my clean up the cafeteria. Over the 21- Day challenge I saw kindness when students would help teachers. By experiencing kindness I feel closer to my friends because they didn’t leave me when cleaning the cafeteria even ... Read Full Story

A Beautiful Ripple From Our Kindness ...

Feb 12, 2016, 2 comments, 18 smiles A beautiful ripple from our Kindness Day at Sunrise Middle School is the daily and weekly updates from Teresa, the school's Director, where a school-wide 21-Day Kindness Challenge is underway. Today, Audrey and I received this sweet note: "After meditation here someone always blows out the candle and makes a wish. Jeremy, an 8th grader, today wished that 'everyone continues to do acts of kindness during the winter break.'" :)!!

Kindness Day At Sunrise Middle School

Feb 07, 2016, 1 comments, 14 smiles “I felt the true joy of kindness when I left work today. Our hard-working custodian came up to me and was all smiles, laughter and bewilderment. He said so many students had come up to him and thanked him for his work. 'And one even gave me a card!'" – Teresa Robinson, Director, Sunrise Middle School Two years ago, I was moved to write an editorial to The Mercury News on behalf of Sunrise Middle School. John Malloy had sent an email to the 500 Mile Spirit Run community with a request to write to The Mercury News on behalf of Sunrise Middle School, who was on the verge of being displaced from their campus. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the moment I read John’s words, I composed my letter to the editor. Within minutes, Teresa Robinson wrote to me, thanked me for my effort and invited me ... Read Full Story

Radical Kindness At SF Waldorf HS

Aug 27, 2015, 9 smiles "It really says something about our society if you give someone a flower and their first reaction is to think you want something from them," one student noted.                 On Tuesday, a group of local love warriors returned to SF Waldorf HS to explore radical kindness with the senior class, more than 40 students and their core teachers. For the past four years, Joan Calderera, a devoted Humanities teacher at the school, has invited our ever growing Kindness Team - an intergenerational family of love magicians of all ages - to come and co-create space with the students. At 8:30am, we circle up on the first of a 3-day senior class orientation designed to engage students in deeper thinking on how they live and learn. After a morning of inspiration - from Unsung Heroes to Free Hugs to college students gifting classmates cookies during finals, and ... Read Full Story

Topography Of Tears

Jun 13, 2015, 12 smiles "One day I wondered if my tears of grief would look any different from my tears of happiness - and I set out to explore them up close, using tools of science to make art and to ponder personal and aesthetic questions," says Rose-Lynne Fisher. So she started The Topography of Tears -- a study of 100 tears photographed through an optical microscope. Below, for example, is a tear of grief next to tear from a "liminal moment of elation": "Roaming microscopic vistas, I marvel at the visual similarities between micro and macro realms, how the patterning of nature seems so consistent, regardless of scale. Patterns of erosion etched into earth over millions of years may look quite similar to the branched crystalline patterns of an evaporated tear that took less than a minute to occur," she adds.