About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... it reminds me that i am but a drop in this vast ocean of love and service, and that every drop counts!

A good day to me is when ... i've managed to be still

My hero in life is ...nature

My favorite book is ...most children's books recommended on Cubs :)

One thing I'm grateful for is ... is that i am here where i should be, i'm doing what i should be doing, and i'm learning just all that i need to :)

Hospice Stories With Maki

Jun 28, 2021, 1 comments, 10 smiles A couple weeks back, a crew of us gathered for a stirring conversation with Dr. Maki Kawamura, on her powerful experiences with the dying and their loved ones. A pediatrician, global peace leader, mother of three, founder of the House of Joy Center for cancer patients and Here and Now Hospice, Maki's depth of experience and spirit of service disarmed all of us as we listened to her palpable stories, wisdom, and heart. Thanks to some incredible transcribing elves, below is a lightly edited summary and partial transcript of the conversation, which spanned topics such as: What does dying teach us about living? What questions come to life on one's deathbed? What are the most common experiences people face at the end of life? What am I least willing to let go of, and why? How do the values of loved ones who've departed live on in our lives? ---------- Dying can be ... Read Full Story

Bonnie: Three Quotes And A Prayer

Jun 18, 2021, 8 smiles [Below is an edited transcript of a dedication Bonnie offered last month from the Christian tradition, during a Prayer Circle for India amid the country's escalating Covid crisis.] [Or, view here in browser window.] Hello everybody. Good morning. Good evening. Good middle of the night, whatever it is for you. I am so touched by the stories that I heard. I live in Southern California and yet I have this deep connection to India from having visited there and from my close relationship with so many people from the service space ecosystem. I just remembered, as you were speaking that three years ago, on Mother's Day, we had the Jai Jagat children at our center singing, we had an animal parade for them and a lunch for them, and their presence changed so many lives. Their simple being just changed so many lives. So I think about the people that I do know ... Read Full Story

Three Steps And A Bow In Mumbai

Oct 23, 2019, 13 comments, 43 smiles I just read about a beautiful ripple, that can perhaps be summarized like this ... Sachi works in a children's observation home and Children’s home in Mumbai (India). About 2500 children pass through the doors of this home. It houses over 200 children rescued from trafficking, child labor, domestic violence and those who are vulnerable and missing as well as about 50-80 children who are in conflict with the law. They are alleged of crimes from petty theft to heinous offense like murder and rape. One of her staff members recently joined one of our HHH retreats, that concluded with three steps and bow. Last month, they were perplexed in handling three kids who had committed heinous crimes. It felt impossible to get through to them. Going for a long shot, they tried something simple yet radical -- three steps and a bow. "Sometimes we cause unexpected harm but can't apologize. Sometimes we ... Read Full Story

May I Help You?

Mar 11, 2019, 12 comments, 41 smiles [In a Laddership Circle last month, a dozen of us had a thoughtful-provoking dialogue around the topic of scale and ripples, where Naren shared this stunning story below!] My dad was visiting us in the U.S. from India, and on the cold, winter mornings, he takes a walk. He's been a walker all his life. He's now 86 years old, and still gets up at 4:30AM and walks two miles. So he walks, and because it's cold, he walks in the mall. One time, he saw that there was a desk at the mall, where volunteers sit down to help. They simply see a board which says: "May I help you?" For him, it was a new concept, coming from India for the first time. Something resonates in him. That was almost 20 years ago. As soon as he returns to India, he makes a small cardboard sign, which says: "May I help you?" ... Read Full Story

A Boat To Those Wishing To Cross Over

Apr 25, 2017, 12 comments, 14 smiles [Below is an excerpt of a poem by Shantideva, that I have found to be quite inspiring. --Meghna] May any spiritual energy thus generated By my devotion to the enlightened ones Be dedicated to dispelling the misery Of living beings without exception.   As long as diseases afflict living beings May I be the doctor, the medicine And also the nurse Who restores them to health.   May I fall as rain to increase The harvests that must feed living beings And in ages of dire famine May I myself serve as food and drink.   May I be an unending treasury For those desperate and forlorn. May I manifest as what they require And wish to have near them.   My body, every possession And all goodness, past, present and future Without remorse I dedicate To the well-being of the world   Suffering is transcended by total surrender And the mind attains to nirvana. As one day all must be given up, Why not dedicate it now to universal happiness?   My bodily powers I dedicate To the well-being of all ... Read Full Story

Drawing For Empty Hands Music

Feb 20, 2014, 2 comments, 15 smiles Just saw this beautiful note to Nimo: "I have been helped by you in many, many situations. Thank you! Your help has been received by listening "Be kind" and "Grateful" on repeat, one after another, again and again. They lift me up and create huge feeling of gratitude and kindness. And by feeling like that, I spread kindness everywhere. (And in that inspiring feeling I have also made huge steps forward on my own mission in life, so amazing!!) I have been thinking how to thank you, and because I best express myself by drawing - I thank you with this drawing I did for you. Thank you once more!"