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I'm joining Service Space because ... it creates the best platform for inner transformation which is the only way for true outer change

A good day to me is when ... I am mindful and observe

My hero in life is ...www.servicespace.org

My favorite book is ...The 40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I am serving and laughing!!!!

Nuggets From Terry Patten's Call

Jul 28, 2018, 2 comments, 4 smiles This Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Terry Patten. Terry Patten has long been a leading voice for facing, examining, and healing our global crisis through the marriage of higher consciousness and activism. He co-wrote Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint, which offers a framework for "waking up" and growing in awareness through time-tested ancient and modern scientifically validated practices. As a community builder, he founded Bay Area Integral, where people engage in conscious inquiry and find community in the San Francisco area. Terry's new book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, offers more integral approaches to activism, and has been hailed as "a stunning marriage of wild heart and cool mind," and for "combining brilliant social commentary along with a step-by-step blueprint for catalyzing whole-system change from the inside out." We'll post the transcript of the call soon, but till then, some of ... Read Full Story

Terry Patten: A New Republic Of Heart

Jul 25, 2018 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Terry Patten: A New Republic Of HeartReflection questions: How does your spiritual practice inform your action in the world? In which communities do you participate in which you feel that mutual ripples are created and multiplied for your ways of being and seeing?

Dillan Returns To Awakin Circle -- And Speaks About

Jun 14, 2018, 1 comments, 14 smiles [I remember Neil and Dillan's Excellent Summer Adventure from several summers ago. Then, they graduated high school, went to college and are soon graduating college too! They both recently came back home and joined an Awakin Circle. What a joy to read about Dillan's share (below) in the circle, on Pablo Neruda's poem!] It's been probably like five years since I've been here, since the days of my summer internship. It feels like a very, very long time. And it feels really good to be back. This afternoon, I called Neil and I was like, "Hey, did you read, did you read the passage for this week?" And he said no, and he's like, 'Do you want me to send it to you?" I'm like, "I have it in front of my face." So then I hung up and I took some time to read it and I was thinking about the ... Read Full Story

Jerry White: Noble Resilience To Nobel Purpose

May 02, 2018, 1 comments, 6 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Jerry White: Noble Resilience To Nobel PurposeReflection questions: Can you recall a time when you overcame crisis by realizing that the challenge was not in your external circumstances, but in your head and heart? What was the importance of peer support in that transition from hardship to resilience?

Myron Eshowsky: A Deeper Listening

Mar 28, 2018, 4 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Myron Eshowsky: A Deeper ListeningReflection questions: What is the role of deep listening in your life -- deep listening of yourself and of others? Are you holding the voice of others long enough to hear your own, and vice versa? In your own journey, what tools and practices spur you to listen to the pain, and to that which is being called forth beyond the pain?

Inspiring Link

Feb 21, 2018, 4 comments, 28 smiles The scale of the problem of Youth crime is a growing concern. Many young offenders are also victims of broken homes, poverty, and domestic violence. They have complex emotional needs which require a balance of welfare and justice models. How can the society contribute to therapeutic inclusion and intervention philosophy, for greater reduction in recidivism compared with punitive approaches? What started out as a small volunteering project turned into so much for Sachi Maniar, who started Project Ashiyana in 2013. In the years since, she has worked to help and improve the lives of all the children at Umkerhadi children’s home, to help them learn, grow, and realize their full potential despite the conditions they have found themselves in. This talk was given at a TEDx event in Mumbai. We are very proud of the work Sachi does and are grateful she is a vibrant and active contributor to the ServiceSpace global community.

Aarti Kuber: Healing Through Acceptance And Forgiveness

Feb 21, 2018, 3 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Aarti Kuber: Healing Through Acceptance And ForgivenessReflection questions: Have you compassionately addressed persons in your life who have wronged or violated you? What role did those encounters have in your healing and life journey?

Ann Medlock: Sticking Her Neck Out For Democracy

Jan 10, 2018, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Ann Medlock: Sticking Her Neck Out For DemocracyReflection questions: Our guest this week believes in the inefficacy of compassion without action, and the need for people to be willing to stick their necks out. What has inspired you to take action in your life and stick your neck out in the face of others' suffering?

Maya Breuer: Listen To Spirit And Take Action

Aug 09, 2017, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Maya Breuer: Listen To Spirit And Take ActionReflection questions: Our guest this week has devoted her life and her work to take action to serve her community and the greater good. How are you being called by spirit to "take action," and what is the community you seek to serve?

Pranidhi Varshney: Staying Strong In Values

May 31, 2017, 6 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Pranidhi Varshney: Staying Strong In ValuesReflection questions: Our guest this week has established a thriving Los Angeles yoga studio even as she emphasized growth of values rather than growth of numbers and income.  Not caving to contemporary image-driven yoga culture, she has remained true to the deeper, healing qualities of the practice.  How have you remained strong in your values against the cross-currents of societal practices and pressures?