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I'm joining Service Space because ... it's a space that nurtures values worthy of strengthening, not just for ourselves, but also for the ones coming after us

A good day to me is when ... I have the awareness of what wants to emerge from my core, and the wisdom to let it come the way it will

My hero in life is ...my grandmother for living a life of strong laddership

My favorite book is ...Gora

One thing I'm grateful for is ... an awesome world where everyone is my teacher of something

Reflections On Loving Your Enemy

Aug 31, 2017, 1 comments, 7 smiles Awakin Readings recently featured a timely piece: Loving Your Enemy. I found the reflections to this piece quite remarkable and wanted to start a conversation on this. In response to the question, "What does loving your enemy mean to you?", Kristin Pedemonti inspired me with her reflections, "Love your enemy to me means seeing that underneath their anger or maltreatment is often fear and under the fear is hurt. Allowing oneself to sift through the anger, fear to get to the hurt often reveals common values and shared humanity. I've been seeking to hold this space of compassion for all for quite some time and especially since our election here in the US. I am saddened to see dear friends say hateful words of their opponents rather than see the human in front of them. I have posted as much as I can about holding compassion and understanding the hurt that lies ... Read Full Story

Reading A Book On Neuroscience Full ...

Aug 14, 2017, 2 comments, 6 smiles Reading a book on neuroscience full of gems (Descarte's error), and found this one: "Although we have the illusion that everything comes together in a single anatomical theater, recent evidence suggests that it does not. Probably the relative simultaneity of activity at different sites binds the separate parts of the mind together." Sounds like time is what causes the mind to function. When the simultaneity no longer works, the mind cannot function. Is this a linkage with death as well? Heard a sage recently mention that in India, death is expressed by the phrase: "time is up." Also remembered Prof. Ron Howard's definition of time: "Time is that which prevents everything from happening all at once."

A Spiritual Gem From An Atheist

Aug 10, 2017, 4 smiles This week, an Awakin gem floated from Sam Harris floated by, titled "To know your mind, pay close attention to it." What makes this special is Sam's own journey. It was a few years back when a debate at Caltech that included Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra got into a lot of heat. Sam was hugely annoyed by Dr. Chopra, didn't give any space to spiritual experiences, and at one point even commented that our mind was all a product of our physical neural cognition (if I remember correctly). The same Sam Harris, rooted his rationalist (by which he actually means atheist) background to delve into spiritual experiences and explain them in a powerful way through his own journey with meditation, chronicled beautifully in this piece: The Atheist Who Strangled Me. What makes this a great contribution to the world is that he has tapped into something very special without having to stop being an atheist - I believe that through this perspective, he is going to eventually deepen science and spirituality.

Inspiring Link

Jul 15, 2017, 1 comments, 6 smiles Deeply inspired by this conversation between Oprah and Thich Nhat Hanh. I loved his four mantras!

What Is Service Fundamentalism?

Jul 13, 2017, 1 comments, 13 smiles This week's Awakin was an excerpt from a remarkable blog post on service fundamentalism by Zilong Wang: The False Duality Between Work and Service. The comments in response are equally remarkable. Jagdish Dave writes, "There are many faces of work. No one face is better than the other face. The face that looks down on other faces is not a service face. Humility is an integral part of service." David Doane shares, "What makes service virtuous is it being done freely, done out of choice. Obligation is toxic. The setting doesn't matter. That is, it doesn't matter whether a person is on the job or unemployed or what kind of job a person has. What matters is where the service is coming from. Service out of obligation or rule lacks virtue and may even be toxic, and service out of free choice is virtuous and healthy." Vaibhav ... Read Full Story

Just Read This Amazing Story Of ...

Jul 13, 2017, 5 smiles Just read this amazing story of 80 people forming a human chain in the water to save a drowning family in Florida: A Riptide Swept Away A Florida Family Then Beachgoers Formed A Human Chain [...] Six members of a single family [the Ursreys] — four adults and two young boys — and four other swimmers had been swept away by powerful and deceptive rip currents churning below the water’s surface. [...] There was no lifeguard on duty, and law enforcement on the scene had opted to wait for a rescue boat. People on the beach had no rescue equipment, only boogie boards, surf boards and their arms and legs. “Form a human chain!” they started shouting. On shore, the human chain began forming, first with just five volunteers, then 15, then dozens more as the rescue mission grew more desperate. Jessica and Derek Simmons swam past the 80 or so human links, some who ... Read Full Story

Counting Our Blessings

Jul 10, 2017, 2 comments, 21 smiles The Third Awakin Kids and Parents Circle ushered us into peak summer with joy and stillness. Harshida aunty invited each child to ring the gong and then as a group, we listened intently to the last reverberations. Not a child spoke, there was total silence in the space. I am continually amazed to see how well this has worked as an introduction to meditation for the young ones. As usual, we swayed to Nimo's song and the parents transitioned into their circle, while the children cooled down in the heat with water balloons and water fun! Here is Sriram helping with the water balloons. And here is one of our children cooling down with a bucket: And here are all the children in the backyard: Our children made pizza and lemonade: I loved the big and deep smiles going around: In the parents' circle, we had several reflections. I reflected on a time of blessings, having just ... Read Full Story

Reading This Week's Reflections To The ...

May 04, 2017, 1 comments, 8 smiles Reading this week's reflections to The Sacred Art of Pausing felt very special - that I was witnessing an unfolding. People have shared such deep parts of themselves -- I just wish the commenters to know that I feel like a witness to their sharings, and that changes me from within. I feel deeply inspired. Thank you! 

It's Ok To Just Be And Hoppity Jump

Mar 26, 2017, 1 comments, 16 smiles Our second magical Awakin Kids Circle has just gone by, and the children seem to be more comfortable in the space already! Seeing the children together in the space just makes us parents smile big. My smile was much bigger when Arya just came over and gave me a kiss right at the beginning of the circle! We started as usual with Harshida aunty facilitating children's meditation using the Tibetan bowl,  danced to Nimo's song (I enjoy it every time!), and then entered into a period of spontaneous storytelling, and a beautiful musical symphony facilitated by Divya! I have never seen Carnatic music introduced like this -- it was amazing with us tapping our arms on our shoulders and the ground and producing collective music. No instructions were needed - if you were there, you'd just be doing it.   As we were waiting for Rev. Heng Sure to join, I realized a ... Read Full Story

Dropping Roles

Feb 26, 2017, 10 smiles A friend shared a beautiful teaching from Adyashanti, and it touched me deeply. "She doesn't teach anymore. She stopped teaching a few months after she asked me to teach. She didn't know she was going to stop teaching. It just sort of....stopped. About a year after she asked me to teach and she stopped teaching, quite a large tumor about the size of a golf ball was discovered behind her eye. about the size of a golf ball. And in the surgery to remove the tumor - you know those are very dicey surgeries - she lost some of the use of one side of her body for awhile, and it played havoc with her memory and some of her cognitive functions. It took her awhile to really recover from that - to where she could drive a car again and get around. And she still has problems with her memory. But ... Read Full Story