About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... it helps me stay true to my heart.

A good day to me is when ... I have helped someone smile.

My hero in life is ...Mom, Gandhi, Peace Pilgrim, and you!

My favorite book is ...Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I remember how small I am in relation to the universe.

Teaching + T: Teaching+T: Educating For The Heart

Jan 10, 2017, 6 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Teaching+T: Educating For The Heart. From unique experiments in home-schooling, to small acts that shift school culture, to research on the effects of cultivating a deep connection to our natural world -- these pieces tap into the possibilities that unfold when our learning environments give rise to expressions of the human spirit.

Teaching + T: Designs That Amplify

Dec 27, 2016, 3 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Teaching+T: Designs That Amplify Compassion. Our daily sights and sounds, architecture and schedules, all carry the potential to lift up ourselves and others. From a playground "buddy bench" to class that connects beyond the classroom to artful messages of inspiration, these stories chronicle small creative structures that create the conditions for empathy to emerge.

Teaching + T: Revamped Around Values

Dec 13, 2016, 2 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Revamped Around Values. In times of rapidly fluctuating technological, social, and political landscapes, slowing down to tune into our deeper values easily gets swept to the wayside. These stories below highlight schools that pause and redirect their course to shine light on deeper values of stillness, positivity, and the unity of our human spirit.

Teaching + T: Flex Time, Play Time, & Seals

Nov 29, 2016, 2 comments, 2 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Flex Time, Play Time, & Seals. When you think of a moment when you learned a lesson that stuck, what were the conditions that created it? Oftentimes, deep learning catches us by surprise, unfolding in the space between things -- the silence between words, the conversations between class, the echoes between memories. From indoor classrooms to outdoor free play to aquatic sea creatures, these stories invite us to ponder how to create the conditions for lessons that stick.  

Teaching + T: Creative Connections

Nov 15, 2016, 4 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Teaching+T: Creative Connections. From a library where middle schoolers give rise to visionary inventions, to a rural elementary school whose campus culture boosts attendance to over 99%, to a "human library" that amplifies lesser-known life journeys -- these stories unveil the power of learning environments that foster creative connections to people, places, and a deeper sense of possibility.

Week 2: In The Presence Of Quiet Revolutionaries :)

Nov 11, 2016, 5 comments, 17 smiles Over a dozen of us huddled across space and time, dialing in last week from Vietnam to Romania, India to Japan to Canada and across the U.S. – our Brady bunch-like screens beaming in Saturday morning sunlight and Friday evening glow. :) Hard to believe it’s only our second actual circle together – with the depth of reflections ringing out in a chorus of shining sincerity.   Building off our first week’s deeper dive on stories, our Week 2 theme delves into “Inner Transformation” – a topic, Judy joked, “I’ve been working on this for 25 years -- I hope to complete it this week.” :) Online, our Week 2 curriculum describes: "Sustaining a project or endeavor for the long-haul requires inner resources for regeneration. Balancing inner transformation with external impact can pose interesting edges and opportunities for growth. Tuning into those invisible reserves invites us to navigate subtleties of ourselves, skills, and ... Read Full Story

Teaching + T: Unsung Lessons

Nov 01, 2016, 2 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Teaching+T: Unsung Lessons. Lasting lessons often come in unsung moments, tucked away like a hidden cadence in life's daily rhythms. Whether online, outdoors, or in the outskirts -- these stories unfurl the palpable elegance of learning in the spirit of service, nature, and offering.  

Teaching + T: Assuming Learning Everywhere

Oct 18, 2016, 1 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Assuming Learning Everywhere. Learning happens everywhere, in all forms and disguises. Whether in a student-driven class project, learning about the letter "E" on Sesame Street, or a routine story time at the barber shop -- these articles bring to light the power of simply holding space for learning to bloom.  

Our Fall 2016 Laddership Circle!

Oct 17, 2016, 7 comments, 19 smiles As we draw near two years of Laddership Circles, we're thrilled to dive into our ninth circle with a shining crew of 10 dedicated fellows (some who will be dialing in at wee hours of morning!) and 4 labor-of-love volunteers! Here's a snapshot of our spirited crew... Greg Acuna has lived in a variety of countries and engaged in a range of endeavors from media projects to IT undertakings and beyond. Currently based in India, Greg recently launched an Acting Kindly card game as part of his educational virtual world, Planet Earthlings, which empowers young people to change the real world. Giang Dang is a community organizer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she started Action for the City. Engaging citizens in small scale, local actions, she’s weaving a tapestry of efforts to minimize consumption, promote organic urban agriculture, and cultivate a thriving environmentally sustainable society. Maki Kawamura believes there is a spark in ... Read Full Story

Teaching + T: Tools For Childhood Discovery

Oct 04, 2016, 2 smiles Latest issue of 'Teaching + Transformation' newsletter is themed Teaching+T: Tools For Childhood Discovery. From 5 minutes to find an arrowhead at a gas station, to creative short activities that spark the brain at the start of class, to the unparalleled power of being present for kids -- these stories reflect on creating conditions that give rise to pivotal moments of childhood discovery.