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I'm joining Service Space because ... of noble friends

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My hero in life is ...Ramana Maharishi, Vinoba, Desmond Tutu

My favorite book is ...'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The knowing that I am always abundant

Nuggets From Awakin Talks Conversation With Dr. Arun

Apr 26, 2021, 2 comments, 8 smiles Last weekend we had the opportunity of hosting Awakin Talks with Dr. Arun Sharma. Dr. Arun Sharma is the founder of the International Institute of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene (IMANAH). He has guided and inspired hundreds of people around the globe to lead healthy lives based on the natural sciences and drawing from the ancient Indian Vedic wisdom. Rahul opened the call with this thought from the Bhagvad Gita which is the Arjun Vishad (despondency) Yoga, which talks about Arjuna’s despondent state of mind and how Krishna guides him to synthesize that into yoga. Dr. Arun Sharma is one such person who has lived and continues to live many such experiments of alchemy where you try to draw some synchronization with the inner laws of nature and convert this despondency into yoga. And, with that he opened with this Shanti mantra (peace prayer) from Keno Upanishad ॐ आप्यायन्तु ममाङ्गानि वाक्प्राणश्चक्षुः श्रोत्रमथो बलमिन्द्रियाणि च सर्वाणि। सर्वम् ब्रह्मोपनिषदम् ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Awakin Talks Conversation With Vipul Shaha

Apr 11, 2021, 4 comments, 4 smiles Today at Awakin Talks, Bhumika opened with an old english song that never seems to get old “Someday over the rainbow”. Here are some nuggets from the call with Vipul Shaha a seeker, educator and volunteer at heart. Vipul began the call by taking us all through a brief mindfulness practice and later connecting with our inner child. About Early Childhood: Vipul opened his thoughts with this quote “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. When I think of going back to the roots, I think of what are the seeds I was born with? The journey is of coming back to the roots of this civilization, to the land I was born, family I was born into. It is a multilayered journey. I grew up in ... Read Full Story

11 Years Ago: Audrey On Meditation

Jan 01, 2021, 1 comments, 11 smiles Look what I stumbled upon today, to start my 2021. :) As Arun Dada calls her, "Old Tree", reflecting on meditation more than eleven years ago! Was she born like this? :)

Occupy Heart -- Call With Rohini Nilekani And Ravi

May 25, 2020, 3 smiles Thank you for coming together last weekend for a call with Rohini Nilekani, Ravi Venkatesan and Friends! As Rohini invited us to rebalance "samaaj, sarkaar and samaj", re-imagine distributed scale, and decentralize power, Ravi spoke about his own journey of emptying, inverting the power pyramid, and using entrepreneurship as a trojan horse for mass flourishing. Shaalini and Vineet inspired us with everyday examples of unlocking multiple expressions of wealth. Juxtaposed between Brinda's flute rendition of Gandhi's favorite prayer and Jordyn's Yogananda song, we concluded with -- 'Occupy Heart.' Below are a few ways to build on the numerous ripples already in motion ... Recordings: audio and video are now up! Questions: we've highlighted top-15 questions. Do add your own, we hope to get our speakers to respond to them. Engage: to connect with each other (and speakers), share resources and much more, join our WWGD group. More Gandhi? we just hosted an ... Read Full Story

Awakin Talks With Sister Lucy Tomorrow!

May 15, 2020, 5 comments, 28 smiles After so many ripples from the first Awakin Talks last weekend, around "What Would Gandhi Do?" theme, we are doing it again tomorrow. This time, alongside 300 friends from the ServiceSpace community, 600 kids from Sister Lucy's Home with join us as well. Kids like Gaus with a White Shirt. In our everyday heroes segment, many are excited to hear stories from Zeal and Bhaskar as well. We hope you can join us!

Recording And More: What Would Gandhi Do?

May 11, 2020, 1 comments, 18 smiles Dear Friends, Thank you for coming together last weekend around the inquiry: What Would Gandhi Do? That is to say, how do we respond to these uncertain times with the 'law of love' and nonviolence? More than 900 of you RSVP'd, from many corners of the world, to hear the compelling wisdom of Gandhian luminaries, Michael Nagler and Rajni Bakshi, alongside everyday stories of courageous kindness from Rohan and Drishti. Below are five ways to build on the numerous ripples already in motion ... Recordings: to access audio, video, and written nuggets, click here. Engage: to connect with each other (and speakers), view user-submitted questions, share resources and much more, join our WWGD group. Next Sunday's Call: we continue the series with the legendary Sister Lucy and life-long Gandhian activist Abhay Bang. RSVP here. Go Deeper: over the last decade, we've hosted 100+ in-person "hands, head, heart" retreats. Now we are doing improv ... Read Full Story

A Form Of Empathy: Sangeeta Isvaran

Apr 14, 2020, 3 comments, 9 smiles "Hatred cannot be vanquished by hatred. The fractured world we live in today needs more empathy, more love to destroy the fear that underlies most conflicts and discrimination. The most important life lessons I've learned were in my dance classes as a child, learning to create rasa (a form of empathy), seeing every other being as an extension of oneself. This flame of understanding fuels every aspect of my work with people to trigger transformation.” At Awakin Talks, Vadodara last December, Sangeeta captivated all of us in a stunning art offering. Choreographed almost fifteen years ago, while immersed in refugee work in Pakistan, India and Indonesia, the performance emerged from her conversation with a mother whom she had met in a sacred Sufi shrine, or durgah. As more background, Sangeeta is a vibrant dancer-performer who developed the Katradi method, working in marginalized, underprivileged communities using the arts in education, empowerment and ... Read Full Story

Nanabhai Bhatt’s Encounter With Gandhi

Feb 12, 2020, 1 comments, 8 smiles ... As narrated by Arun dada when he had met Nanabhai in Bhavnagar. Shri Nrusinhprasad Kalidas Bhatt (Nanabhai Bhatt) was the founder of Gram Dakshinamurti and Lokbharti an educational experiment started in 1930 that went on to become an important point in the history of Indian education. Nanabhai was inspired by Gandhi and so in 1930’s when India was suffering from both caste divide and British rule, against the wish of his spiritual teacher and of upper caste parents, Nanabhai gave admission to children of untouchables in his residential hostel. Nanabhai however had some differences with Gandhi on his ideas of value based education (nai talim). So, he once went to meet Gandhi to discuss this. He noticed that before after ending a sentence instead of a full point Gandhi would utter the word of God (Ram). While Gandhi was externally in a conversation, internally he was in a constant state of prayer. After being a witness to that moment Nanabhai’s doubts dissolved, never to come back.

Nishkam Seva (Selfless Service)

May 29, 2019, 3 comments, 14 smiles [Here's one of the recent stories from Trupti & Swara's pilgrimage around the holy Narmada river, republished from their blog: Reva Ni Vaato] As we were getting closer to Amarkanthak a bunch of us got an invitation for black tea. It was an unexpected yet a pleasant invitation as the man who was serving us tea had his shelter almost in the middle of a forest with hardly any people living around. He asked us to follow the orange sign boards as we walk further into the forest. He showed us a sample sign board we were meant to follow. We got curious as we had seen these boards in some of the remotest places. We had all these questions -Was it a group of people? Or the nearby villagers? Who puts up these little markers? We asked him if he knew who made them. He said for eight months I serve all the ... Read Full Story

Four Days On The Road

Apr 18, 2019, 4 comments, 21 smiles It has been a joy ride for so many of us, to witness Arun Dada share his radiance with effortless equipoise through so many diverse settings and communities. Last week, few of us went on a four-day road trip to Southern California. Our first stop was a circle in Bakersfield, where a group of motivated women held a screening of Gandhi that was attended by 500 people -- and then held an interfaith march, in a fairly polarized community that votes strongly Republican, that brought together more than 700 people. Our first surprise was being greeted by two very young ServiceSpace volunteers, playing Gandhi's favorite chant for Arun Dada: That was followed by the very first Awakin Circle in Bakersfield, courtesy of the one-and-only Trishna! The evening was truly sublime, with 40-50 of us huddled around a re-arranged living room. Few people just couldn't stop tearing up, as we spoke about the ... Read Full Story