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Off By An Inch, Miss By A Mile

Jan 24, 2021, 4 smiles This morning, at the Awakin Talk with Prof DVR Seshadri where he spoke with honesty about his commitment to live a life of integrity and values. He shared some stories of his life where he learnt tough lessons from his early transgressions. The stories below are written in first person, as narrated by Prof Seshadri, during the Talk. Story one : As a doctoral student of IIM-Ahmedabad, I used to run around the campus. Once I saw a beautiful flower in the garden of one of the faculty quarters. I plucked that flower - the instinct was “It is so good, let me pluck it.” And gently there was a voice from the balcony. I looked back and there was standing the founding Director of the Institute - the highly respected professor Dr Ravi J Matthai. And he just told me a soft voice, “Young man, dont you think the flower ... Read Full Story

Who Blesses Whom

Dec 13, 2020, 4 comments, 13 smiles This morning, on Awakin Talks call (Giving Money, Time and Self) , Amit Chandra shared this story of what he witnessed while being around His Holiness the Dalai Lama Around 2018, HH the Dalai Lama was in Mumbai for teachings at Somaiya Vidyavihar. After his teachings, he gave a talk to a small group of us at another venue Kitab Khaana. After this talk, he came out of Kitaab Khana to get into his car waiting outside the venue. Although not many people knew that he was going to be in that part of the town, a small crowd gathered to get his blessings. As he slowly walked towards his car, an old homeless lady, seemingly in her 80s, hastily came running towards HH the Dalai Lama to get his blessings. She must have been 200 meters away when she saw him and hence literally made a dash. The protocol officer and staff ... Read Full Story

The Ultimate Giftivist: A Story From Arun-dada

Feb 25, 2019, 2 comments, 22 smiles In recent years, several of us have had the opportunity to glean stirring stories from Arun Bhatt ("Arun-dada" we lovingly call him), a remarkable elder in his eighties, who has dedicated his life to service, including walking with Vinoba Bhave (whom many recognize as Gandhi's spiritual successor) during the Land Gift (Bhoodan) Movement. Born the child of freedom fighters, Arun-dada spent parts of his childhood in jail when both his parents were incarcerated for political reasons. During that time, other freedom fighters and prisoners would play with him and bring him up. One loving elderly man used to play with little Arun. He was so loving that Arun could not help but ask him, "Why are you in jail?" The man replied that he was in for a murder charge. "But you don't look like you would have killed someone," said Arun. "I did not kill anyone, but my young nephew did, in a fit ... Read Full Story

King's Way

Apr 05, 2018, 2 comments, 14 smiles [Beautiful tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., by our very own Rajni-ji!] Hundreds of marchers, mostly African Americans, were peacefully moving towards city hall in Birmingham, Alabama. The year was 1964 and the American civil rights movement was at its peak. When armed police and firemen, ready with powerful water hoses, moved to block the path of the marchers something utterly unexpected happened. At the call of one of their leaders, the marchers knelt and began to pray. Some of the protesters later reported feeling “spiritually intoxicated”. After a while, one of their leaders got up and told the police that: “All we want is our freedom. How do you feel doing these things?” When the protesters rose and again began advancing the police commissioner, who was well known for supporting racial segregation, shouted: “Turn on the water!” But the firemen refused to comply. Observers reported that they saw some of the firemen ... Read Full Story

Questions For Parag Shah's Awakin Call (July 1)

Jun 19, 2017, 2 comments, 8 smiles Our dear Paragbhai is scheduled to be on Awakin Call on July 1. And I am putting together questions for this call, titled 'A different kind of ROE.' Would love your help - please share your question as a comment on this post :)  My list : - Could you take us through the initial part of your life - your upbringing as being born in the diamond business that you inherited. Any childhood memories that came to define the way you look at life - your association with you family / extended family  - Your got married to Mitaben and your two sons - Siddhant and Sumit were born. We all know of your bond with your sons - your daily calls with them no matter which geography you are in. It was very touching to read you mention about Mitaben's role in bringing up Sumit as 'the act of kindness you ... Read Full Story

No Machine To Bill Humanity

Jan 23, 2016, 3 comments, 23 smiles A FB post, translated by India Today ... very inspiring. A man entered Hotel Sabrina, run by C Narayanan, in Malappuram in Kerala for dinner, after an all day long meeting, and placed his order. As his order arrived, the man noticed a pair of small eyes, outside the window, wistfully looking at the food served at various tables. A little ragpicker. Man gestured the little boy to come in, and he came in with his little sister. He asked them what they'd like to have and the boy pointed at the plate on his table. He ordered another plate. When the food was served, the little boy couldn't contain his excitement. Just before he started, his sister held his hand, stopping him. He understood she wants them both to wash their hands before starting. The kids quietly finished the food ordered for them. Neither did they speak to each other, or smile. ... Read Full Story