About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I'd love to be part of a community that amplifies goodness.

A good day to me is when ... I have worked with my hands and heart.

My hero in life is ...Everyone who reaches out

My favorite book is ...One Straw Revolution by Fukuoka

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The privilege to be able to think beyond survival.

Seeds: Seeds+T: 'Art'ificial Intelligence, Anyone?

Sep 08, 2017, 2 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Seeds+T: 'Art'ificial Intelligence, Anyone?. When the world was rushing towards technology, William Morris went the other way. In 1874. His life's work launched the Arts and Crafts movement. This begs the question, "Can an ultra minority's preferences dominate the majority?" Says Nassim Taleb, "The minority rule will show us how all it takes is a small number of intolerant virtuous people with skin in the game, in the form of courage, for society to function properly." Take a look.

Seeds: Remapping Relationships

Aug 06, 2017, 3 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Remapping Relationships. Re-imagine the world, literally, through award winning 'maps of the world' by kids from 34 countries submitted to the bi-annual Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition. Now what kind of human to human relationships are possible in such a kinspired (kids inspired) world? Explore some social permaculture principles that closely mirror Service Space approaches. Take a look.

Seeds: Quinoa Effect And Cofee Lessons

Jul 03, 2017, 3 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Quinoa Effect And Cofee Lessons. It's always nice to see developed countries trying something ancient. Find out how the "quinoa effect" is spreading in Europe. These days, you could be severely punished by nature for doing the right thing. But if you stick to it, the rewards are almost miraculous. This is what El Toledo, a coffee farm in Costa Rica discovered. Take a look.

From Perma-culture To Prema-culture

May 09, 2017, 20 smiles Last month, I attended a Permaculture Design Course facilitated by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, a soulful organization near Hyderabad, India started Padma and Narasanna, a remarkable couple who have been serving in thousands of villages for more than thirty years. Our farm has been dry since August so I wanted to learn how to equip better for the new reality. Also, some of us from the ServiceSpace community were interested in the shift from Perma-culture to Prema-culture (Prema in Sanskrit means Love) and this seemed like a good space for such an experiment. Abid, a dear friend of the eco-system had prepared the ground. The physical spaces that hosted us were breathtaking - one with with a lake view and the other, a 15 year old mini forest. About 30 of us from different parts of India and the world (with heavy representation from France) gathered with our unique personalities and offerings to learn ... Read Full Story

Seeds: Seeds+T: Folks Of Art And Digital Empathy

Jan 01, 2017, 2 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Seeds+T: Folks Of Art And Digital Empathy. A very Happy New Year to all from rural south India! In this issue, we speculate if art could be a basic need of rural folks as a small village in Karnataka has demonstrated; and if doctors could create their own direct, deeply caring relationship with their patients as a "startup doctor" has proven in the valley. Take a look.

Seeds: Seeds+T: Designing Designers And No Food Left

Oct 11, 2016, 3 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Seeds+T: Designing Designers And No Food Left Behind. What happens when your design motive is not profit but beauty, relationship and care? Ralph Ammer points to the responsibilities of discerning designers. Would you rather have leftover food or left over friends? A new food sharing revolution is shaping in many places. Take a look.

Seeds: Seeds+T: Fasting Can Save Brain And Planet

Sep 04, 2016, 3 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Seeds+T: Fasting Can Save Brain And Planet. Fasting is a challenge to your brain. How does it respond? Greed is a challenge to the heart. How did a small island respond? Discover in this newsletter how the Force of No can become the Force of Know. Take a look.

Seeds: Sustainable Architects: Fathy And Baker

Jun 05, 2016, 5 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Sustainable Architects: Fathy And Baker. Two endearing men, Hassan Fathy and Laurie Baker, changed the way we think about sustainable housing today. They brought back age old techniques from the brink of extinction to do more with less. Hassan Fathy wanted to bridge the gulf that separates folk architecture from formal architecture. Laurie Baker carried Gandhian values of honesty and sincerity to the buildings he designed. He believed that beauty was related to truth and therefore a stone house should look like it is made of stone. This issue features the work of these soulful architects. Take a look.

Seeds: Seeds+T: Seeds Storage - Neighborway Or Norway?

Apr 01, 2016, 3 smiles This month's 'Seeds + Transformation' newsletter is themed Seeds+T: Seeds Storage - Neighborway Or Norway?. Chamnibai and thousands of women around India save seeds locally like they save stories: learn from their parents, sow them every season, store them at home and pass them on to their children ensuring survival, diversity and evolutionary adapatations. Svalbard seed vault in Norway is a centralized seed storage facility that contains the seeds of nearly 4,000 plant species – more than 720,000 individual plastic-sheathed samples from around the world. You want to bet on unity in diversity or diversity in unity? Take a look.

Ministry Of Happiness

Apr 01, 2016, 1 comments, 7 smiles The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh will soon have a ministry for happiness, becoming the first state in the country to do so. Contending that worldly possessions and development through statistics is not the only measure of happiness, the chief minister said the ministry will work towards keeping people genuinely happy. The Chief Minister made the announcement saying the idea came from Bhutan’s gross national happiness (GNH) index. According to the concept of GNH, there are four pillars that will lead to a healthy index – good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation. It is calculated based on nine parameters which include psychological wellbeing, health, education, living standards and cultural diversity among others. Original story here.