About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... its good for me, its good for you, and its fun :-)

A good day to me is when ... I get to serve, sit, exercise, hug, listen, and love

My hero in life is ...Dr. V; and many of my friends!

My favorite book is ...The Great Disciples of Buddha; Autobiography of a Yogi

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I have a great idea about doing something beautiful

Mary Rothschild: Attention, Digital Media And Young

Feb 07, 2018, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Mary Rothschild: Attention, Digital Media And Young ChildrenReflection questions: How would you characterize the health of your own relationship to digital media? What practices do you follow that help protect your attention from being incessantly hijacked by the screens in your life?

David Fryburg: You Are What You See: Inspiring

Dec 27, 2017, 1 comments, 4 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'David Fryburg: You Are What You See: Inspiring KindnessReflection questions: How does exposure to positive news about kindness, generosity, and compassion affect your well-being and health? How powerful do you find visual images to be in reinforcing either positive or negative news?

Ulrike Reinhard: Skateboard Parks And Power Of

Sep 20, 2017 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Ulrike Reinhard: Skateboard Parks And Power Of RelationshipReflection questions: Our guest this week has lived according to the logic of dynamic networks long before the internet appeared. She has been described as having "the genius to be able to think and act in terms of interaction. In conversation with her, it’s easy to forget about set agendas and fixed outcomes and follow wherever the dynamics of open processes might lead." How do you see the value of agenda-less interactions as distinct from "networking"?

Mark Whitwell: The Heart Of Yoga

Aug 24, 2017, 5 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Mark Whitwell: The Heart Of YogaReflection questions: Our guest this week believes that if you have religion in your life, you need "a yoga, a practicum, something you can actually do. Otherwise the brilliance of the text, the beautiful ideas, stay ideas that make you miserable because it seems like you haven’t attained them yet" -- whereas the key to yogic or religious life is simply to participate in it and to receive it -- not to look for it. What is your practicum for simply participating in the beauty that already exists?

Sri M's Tears Of Gratitude

Aug 08, 2017, 5 comments, 16 smiles We were fortunate to once again host Sri M for Awakin in Berkeley a few weeks ago. His autobiography, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, is both a fascinating story and an exercise in stretching one’s own mind to hold possibility for experiences that can be hard to swallow for rational materialists. Mystical tales aside, I had wondered about Sri M’s own teacher, a wandering yogi named Maheshwarnath Babaji who defied being photographed, had no organization, no ashram, and no apparent or well-known interactions with other people besides his students-- of which we knew of only one, Sri M himself. One might say that Maheshwarnath’s entire long life amounted to literally nothing with zero residue, save a single student who was transformed and wrote of him decades after his passing. If one were ever inclined to come up with a story about a mystical special teacher, Maheshwarnath ... Read Full Story

Zilong's Interview :)

Aug 06, 2017, 17 smiles Last weekend, a few of us spontaneously met an art gallery owner whose wife had interviewed Zilong last year about his previous cross-country and current cross-continent pilgrimages. :) Here's the 10-minute conversation: And a few excerpts from it include: Question: What did you learn? What started to come to you as you were bike riding around everyday? Did you get some moments of 'enlightenment' or sudden realizations? Zilong: One biggest realization is how good people are. Throughout the entire 3,000+ miles and two-and-a-half months, I never met one bad person. Never a harsh word. Every single night, one family or another opened up their home to let me camp in their backyard. And every single night, I've been able to have a shower inside of a stranger's home. Question: Wow -- and they trusted you? Most people opened up their homes to you? Zilong: Yeah, one in five. The average "success rate" is one in ... Read Full Story

Cheryl Angel: Standing Peacefully Firm At Standing Rock

Jun 07, 2017, 8 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Cheryl Angel: Standing Peacefully Firm At Standing RockReflection questions: Our guest this week believes that water is sacred and vital, not just for sustenance, but for spiritual cleansing and healing -- and is worthy of protection through nonviolent means.  Do you feel a special relationship with any natural elements?  How does that manifest in your life?

Finding Double Joy In Life

Apr 19, 2017, 20 smiles Though we’re not Catholics, we have a running tradition of giving up something for Lent, which we then try to carry through for the rest of the year. This year we eliminated every food that contained added sugar and replaced it with natural sugar through abundant fruit.  Fortunately, years ago we discovered the sweetest oranges around, “Song Hay” navel oranges-- which I’m told translates as “double joy” in Cantonese. They truly live up to the name, and every winter long before this sugar fast, we would anticipate their arrival and end up eating about 5 - 8 pounds a week at the height of orange season. This morning, I eagerly peeled a ‘Song Hay’ and took my first juicy bite—except it tasted tangy metallic with an undertone of bitter. The flavor distortion was courtesy of my toothpaste, whose artificial sweet makes other sweet things taste odd when eaten soon after brushing. ... Read Full Story

Hear The Homeless - During A Storm

Jan 24, 2017, 11 smiles A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of the biggest storm to hit the Bay Area in recent memory, a small-but-mighty group of love-warriors and changemakers gathered in Berkeley to offer sandwiches and warmth to those without homes. We began the day with a short meditation to remember and align with our deepest intentions. For many people, it’s easy to believe we are fundamentally different from the homeless. That our skills, smarts, and savviness keep us from ever having to endure the suffering of living on the streets. Yet when we dig deeply into the reality of the situation, the safety net that protects us from falling too far is our social networks. And I’m not talking about how many friends you have on Facebook or followers on Twitter. I’m talking about the people in our lives who are willing to extend us support, love, and inspiration when we’re both ... Read Full Story

Three Blessings And A Challenge

Nov 09, 2016, 8 comments, 16 smiles Six weeks ago, we were blessed to host Christine and Mathew for an inspiring talk about their 4,600 mile walking pilgrimage across India. What struck me most about this couple was the clarity and courage they have for their deepest values, and the rare vigor with which they pursue the highest version of themselves. Christine was raised as a strict Catholic, and Mathew in the Keralite Orthodox church that landed Christianity in India almost 400 years before it arrived in Rome. That strong traditional background didn’t blind them from recognizing the universal goodness expressed in the mission of the Walk of Hope, even when it came from a very different tradition like that of the Himalayan-trained Sufi Muslim who was organizing it. Another test came when Christine was offered a game-changing job promotion after her first month or so on the pilgrimage. It didn’t take her long to realize that ... Read Full Story