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My Grandma's Last Lesson

Jun 09, 2021, 3 comments, 5 smiles We held an informal circle recently and the topic started to gravitate towards death and dying. I was reminded of my recent experience of my grandmother passing away, which I shared in that group. As few friends suggested, I am happy to share it here too. Thank you! ..... My grandmom (maternal) passed away recently and it was my first cremation experience. In addition to many other things, I would remember her for pampering all of us with the tastiest of sweets and new clothes. :) On receiving the news, we went to their town, a 3-hour drive from where I live. We reached in the evening and the next morning, all of us performed some rituals around her body and then took her body to the cremation ground. "Offering a shoulder" or pallbearing is considered an opportunity as well as a duty in Indian traditions, and I felt grateful that ... Read Full Story

How Much Time Does It Take To Gift A Tshirt?

Feb 06, 2021, 1 comments, 12 smiles Sharing one of my favourite stories, which came up in an Awakin Talk between Rahul Mehta, Rajni Bakshi and Rajiv Khandelwal. Everytime I remember this story, I feel touched, so sharing with all you here. Rahul: I would switch track to a personal story. You spoke of your experience of volunteering at the blind school. We also heard another story from your friends Jyotsna and Sachin. Jyotsna spoke of her 3-year old Rohan (now a 26-year old) who liked a tee-shirt you were wearing (bought from the US) and asked you to get him one like that. You promised him to get it on your next US trip a few months away. Unfortunately, you could not locate one of Rohan’s size on your US trip. Years later, on Rohan’s 18th birthday, you gifted him the very same tee-shirt neatly folded, preserved for over 15 years in as-if-new condition. You waited for ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From AwakinTalk - How Much Is Enough

Oct 14, 2020, 6 smiles Nuggets from AwakinTalk, with Vidya Shah and Amit Bhatia, moderated by Birju Panda on "How much is Enough" last sunday. Vidya “Duniya jise kehte hain, jadu ka khilona hai.. Mil jaye to mitti hai, kho jaye to sona hai”- quoting poet Nida fazli, sung by Jagjit and Chitra Singh -- This world, is a magical toy. If you get it, it becomes worthless. If it gets lost, it seems like gold. It will never be enough, all our saints seem to keep telling us, and the idea is therefore to keep going within and answer the question for yourself. The earlier we start giving back, better it is, rooting ourselves “In memento mori”. Engaging with Nimesh bhai and Ramesh uncle at Caring friends influenced the way I think about philanthropy, and it went beyond simply writing cheques. My yoga teacher’s introduction to Yoga sutras also had a deep ... Read Full Story

Standing Up At Gandhi Ashram

Oct 02, 2020, 4 comments, 18 smiles [On Gandhi's birthday, it is an honor to re-share Paulette's extraordinary experience we heard at Gandhi 3.0 in January, of "standing up".] Good evening. Namaste. I would like to invite you to begin by closing your eyes and adjusting your position in your seat. [Pause] Take a d-e-e-p breath, breathing in and exhaling all the air. [Pause] Allow your shoulders to fall from around your ears so that you relax in your seat. Maybe your feet are making contact with the ground. [Pause] Notice your thoughts where they are and just breathe. [Pause] As you sit in your seat with your eyes closed and heart open, imagine Gandhiji appears before you dressed all in white. He bends down, reaches for your arm, holding your arm between your elbows and your wrist, and firmly speaks to you and says, “Stand Up.” You may be a little hesitant, a little startled, so you ... Read Full Story

Where Does A Ripple Begin And Where Does It End?

Aug 09, 2020, 1 comments, 8 smiles A beautiful ripple, which continues to change form and expand, and touch hearts - One of the hands practice of our first Laddership Pod read -- “take a walk without a destination.” During our call, Shyam shared his experience of that act - "I've recently been thinking of embarking on a sacred, 2700 kilometer walking pilgrimage in India, that is done without any money. Seeing this prompt, I thought that perhaps I experimented today by walking for 22 kilometers. As I was departing, I thought to leave behind my phone and wallet, just like the pilgrimage. But then, with my health, I wasn't sure if I would just be able to survive 22 kilometers -- so I took two bananas along with me. Little more than half way through the walk, I ran into a young man on the streets of Delhi, who was literally crying. Saddened by it, I approached him to ... Read Full Story

Community Capital In The Capital Of Diamonds

May 16, 2019, 6 comments, 20 smiles For the last year and a half, I have been soaking in and receiving in multiple ways from this priceless community. Below is an attempt to introduce myself to you online, through this extra-long post, and the context of this sharing is the circles which Parag bhai triggered, during my short visit to Surat to meet my sister. So my sister and jeeju were totally confused. The object of confusion is that their brother came to meet them on a short 3 days trip, but now is scheduled to hold 4 ‘talks’, different places in the city. Where are you talking, what are you talking, and most importantly, how did you get the audience? Some questions in their head, and mine as much. :-D My sister accompanied me for the first talk and in the concluding sharing circle she says that she has never heard me say many of these things, maybe ... Read Full Story