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21 Days Of Gratitude At Aravind!

Apr 02, 2018, 4 comments, 16 smiles A few months back, Chandni gifted me a journal on "21 Days of Gratitude". And recently, in an online conversation on Healing + Transformation, Priya mentioned research on the Happiness Advantage, which talks about the power of a gratitude practice. It got me thinking, that it could be great to engage a 21-day Gratitude Challenge with physicians and staff at the eye hospital where I work. With the support of KindSpring volunteers, I shared the online version of the gratitude challenge with our design team, and they crafted this incredible workbook below! The drawings themselves are from a remarkable artist with extraordinary pin-hole vision. :) Lots to be grateful for! :)

A Radiologist Who Held Space

Feb 15, 2018, 5 comments, 18 smiles [Last week, we had a stirring call with doctors. It was the third of our six weekly calls as part of our Laddership Circle for doctors, and the theme we explored more deeply was on "holding space". Venu Julapalli, a gastroenterologist who's co-conspiring a Health 3.0 movement and a thoughtful member of our circle, shared a stirring encounter with an "old-timer " radiologist who simply held space. Below is a transcript of his story.] My friend had an experience around the death of his father. He had a decision to make in terms of withdrawing support and his family convinced him to withdraw it. Medically, after he told me the details, I think it was the only decision he could have made. But he had never forgiven himself for essentially -- in his perception -- giving up on his father. By pulling the plug, he destroyed himself for it for years. As ... Read Full Story

3 Weeks Into A Laddership Circle For Doctors

Feb 10, 2018, 2 comments, 15 smiles Last Spring, I participated in a 6-week Laddership Circle with many inspired project initiators. I was inspired by the quality, depth, caliber, and tremendous value of many forms that emerged in that space. Lara eloquently described the experience. The dedication was so rich amongst volunteers and fellows alike -- for instance, a member of our circle was traveling one week, and still dialed into our call at 2AM in the local time of the city he was in! Fueled by that inspiration, I wanted to bring that spirit into the doctors I work with at Aravind Eye Hospital -- and with much excitement, we are now midway through a Doctors Laddership Circle -- with both doctors from various branches of our specific eye hospital in India, as well as a few who've been holding questions of healing and transformation in the U.S. After three weeks together, lots of interesting themes are surfacing. ... Read Full Story

A Beautiful Beginning

Jan 29, 2018, 6 comments, 6 smiles A Beautiful Beginning 26th January (India)/ 25th January (USA) marked the beginning of the first Laddership circle for doctors and I was as nervous as anyone on this earth since, there was a realization that this could be a beginning of something significant. The theme for the first week was Stories and immediately we could see how our lives were intertwined by the threads of questions we collectively hold. Through this blog I am making an attempt lay down some of those common threads and the learnings they brought. They are as follows: 1. East meets West: This circle started with introductions and a simple question about what drew each individual to participate in this circle. With 4 fellows from east and 4 fellows from west, along with five volunteers who have experience on both sides of the globe it was powerful to learn about the backgrounds of each person, as ... Read Full Story

Paying Attention To Non-Violence (Julia Bacha)

Aug 16, 2017, 1 smiles Was very inspired this talk on non-violence.

Laddership Ripples At Aravind

Jun 30, 2017, 4 comments, 11 smiles Wanted to share a quick update. Today, we started our retreat with a minute of silence. Managers, MLOP’s and SMO’s from all the centers of Aravind were part of it. Thank you, Laddership Circle, and all of you for the inspiration! I also gave a presentation about all that learned from Laddership Circle to a group of Managers at a separate meeting a week before. Below are the slides, although they don't have too many words. :)