About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I appreciate the wonderful spirit of kindness that gathers us here, with no distinction whatsoever.

A good day to me is when ... I follow my inner compass that drives me towards Joy and Service to others. When Love rhymes with Giving and Receiving. And when I laugh (a lot!)

My hero in life is ...my parents, my grandparents. Mother Theresa, Siddharta Gautama

My favorite book is ...Kahlil Gibran's - The Prophet

One thing I'm grateful for is ... To Love and to be Loved in return

Deep Talk With Audrey Lin!

May 30, 2020, 6 comments, 30 smiles Our local volunteer community made of many young people (aka the “French Gang”) often holds "Big Talk" circles to get to know each other and deepen our relationships. As an extension of our experiment, we invited an inspiring speaker from ServiceSpace: Audrey Lin! She generously accepted our invitation and thus we decided to shift our usual “Big Talk” circles into an intimate interview, a "Deep Talk" of candid questions :-) Our initial plan was to hold a circle with 12 people, and somehow we ended up with 133 RSVP's! It was an unforgettable call, and here's the video for you to also enjoy: Now, the back story. :) This online event has radically transformed many of us! It has been the fruit of emergence (also maybe the fruits of many other invisible hands from ServiceSpace!!). At this point there was no turning back for us; my fellow friends and I spent time and hearts to ... Read Full Story