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I'm joining Service Space because ... I am on a journey to discover my inner self and the other.

A good day to me is when ... I see a bunch of happy faces.

My hero in life is ...My parents.

My favorite book is ...A good question.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Seeing a sincere smile.

Business & Kindness - 4-day Retreat In Vienna - Jan20

Feb 05, 2020, 4 comments, 9 smiles * French version in the 2nd part - Version française dans la 2eme moitié de l'article * A series of events were held in Vienna in the end of January 2020. This 4-day retreat included four main events: an Awakin Circle, a Business and Kindness day-retreat, a conference given by Nipun on “why a culture of giving makes companies more successful” and the Karma Kitchen as closure event. And once more, I am writing an article after getting my brain full of memories, and my heart full of love. Credit to the hosts of Vienna who made such an emergence possible. 1- Awakin circle hosted by Alma and Vali We followed a usual format, starting with one hour of meditation allowing us to find back some stillness in our minds. We then had an intervention by Nipun, where he explained us how small trigger events could lead to the emergence of people. ... Read Full Story

One-Day Retreat In Paris - 20-Jul-2019

Jul 21, 2019, 2 comments, 10 smiles *Version française dans la deuxième partie du texte* Largely inspired by ServiceSpace retreats in London, we decided to create some ripples in Paris in organizing our One-day retreat in Paris. We were 20 participants, coming from all around the Greater Paris area. During this day, we explored the themes of interconnection in building bridges and gratitude. We warmly thank the participants to have chosen to join us and also for their help. All together, we opened our hearts and planted several seeds of kindness to co-create spaces of generosity around us. Building bridges Solène and Jeremy welcomed each of the participants in the space, with a heart collar and warm hugs, and inviting them to join the meditation circle. 30 minutes of collective silence allowed to get back to ourselves and be ready to start the day smoothly. We opened the sharing circle on the theme of Building Bridges, taking anchor in the text We ... Read Full Story

Building Bridges Retreat @Trishna's House

Jul 01, 2019, 5 smiles Dear Me before the retreat day, On that day, you participated in your first retreat day with ServiceSpace. You subscribed to the event after a spontaneous decision, when your friend Jasky introduced you the topic. You don’t know it yet, but you will see, this day will be astonishing. As everyday, you will meet wonderful people and you will put a stone forward in the path of your life. On this letter to you, I will tell you what you will live on that day. Context This retreat day has been organized in Trishna’s house, London, who generously invited a group of sixty changemakers to take part in the event. All was finely organized in terms of space arrangement and provisions for the whole day. During the day, there has been alternatively meditation sequences, presentations with slideshows and video plays, and exchanges among the group. Questions about interconnectedness across people have been addressed, ... Read Full Story