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Did You Know ... [About Audrey!]

May 29, 2019, 3 comments, 14 smiles Last month, I finished my Laddership Circle with 17 others from around the globe. Julia, from Austria was one of them, and she mentioned all the goodness emerging, so I went to visit from Germany. Naturally, we all had one major topic in common: Audrey! It is her graceful holding of Laddership Circle that transformed so many of our lives, including ours. Fortunately for me, Julia sent me this smuggled copy of tidbits below, and I've been feasting on it ever since! I loved the story of the walk from  Santa Clara to Berkeley, the simplicity of it, and the courage. And wow! the decade-long sacred pause. I really enjoyed her interview on Laddership; much to learn from that. It's easy to imagine Audrey's beautiful beaming smile in front of my eyes! Here it is the Aweeedreeee inspiration for all of you to enjoy as well ...    Did you know that Audrey went on a mini walking pilgrimage? What most ... Read Full Story