About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... it is my desire to connect with people of pure positive intention and create a heart to heart web of connections where authenticity is valued and truthful life journey honored. To find ways to serve, inspire and be inspired.

A good day to me is when ... there is love, laughter and lightness possible. Or if I am a contribution to a heart looking for happiness, clarity or peace.

My hero in life is ...Each one who walks the talk and chooses the difficult not for the glory of it, but for the truth in it.

My favorite book is ...The Power of Now by Echarte Tolle ...there's more that I should mention.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... this chance of living life on this beautiful planet and the beautiful souls I get to interact with.

How Humans Trust Each Other

Jul 01, 2019, 19 smiles Last weekend, our family went to volunteer and spread smiles at a local conference. My 13-year-old son, Sanved, shared more details about his experience doing random acts of kindness there -- which I found really interesting: Today I participated in the sharing festival at the After Mindfulness Urban Retreat in Berkeley. I had the most hilarious experience I have ever had. In the beginning, I was just giving out the heart pins. People loved this and thought it was very cool. Then, after lunch, I started giving away the granola bars with positive messages of kindness attached to them. That's when I learned how little, humans trust each other. At first, when I was offering the bars to people, they would say no because they thought they would have to pay money for it. When I then told them that it was free, they very willingly wanted to take one. Some people even came ... Read Full Story

Conversation With My Son After Awakin Teens :)

Mar 11, 2019, 5 comments, 23 smiles During carpool conversations to the "New Story" Retreat in January, a few of us all realized we were the parents of teens. On the drive home, Seema, Helen and I wondered how we could pay-forward the space we'd experienced, and share these values with our teens in a meaningful way. Yesterday, 30 of us gathered for our first Awakin Teens Circle. I feel so blessed and full in my heart! We split up into two circles -- one for teens, and one for parents. Remarkable storyteller, Brian Conroy, led the teens in a bunch of group activities and conversations around the theme: "obstacles to happiness and values that contribute to happiness." All the parents circled up in a separate room, and had an Awakin Circle-style period of stillness, reading, and circle of sharing reflections. At the end, we all convened for a 'handshake telephone' activity that Maya and Aum led, which showed us ... Read Full Story