About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... inspires me in Service, Small acts, kind Society and Smiles.

A good day to me is when ... i can radiate positivity

My hero in life is ...all the coherent people

My favorite book is ...Siddhartha

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Nature

Mi Experiencia Como Anfitriona En Los CĂ­rculos Awakin

Apr 26, 2020 Hace más de seis años llegue a España y hace más de cuatro que me acerque a lo que llamamos círculos awakin. Uno nunca piensa cómo puede cambiar su vida al tomar una simple decisión. A los veinticuatros años me atreví a salir de mi zona de confort que era la casa de mis padres en Italia, para dedicar nueve meses de mi vida a ser voluntaria en un programa europeo, y decidí moverme a España, más bien a Burgos. Tenía que estar solo nueve meses, eso le había dicho a mis padres, y pues... ¡ ya van setenta dos (de meses) jejejejejej ! De la misma forma que me pasó con el programa de voluntariado me occurrió con el awakin. Una amiga me invitó a asistir y le dije: “Vale, vamos a probar, te acompaño”. Yo que iba a acompañar a ella a un círculo nada más, me encontré en ... Read Full Story

Some Kindness Stories! Awakin Burgos :)

Jan 11, 2019, 7 smiles Last week we gathered again at Casa del Bienestar to enjoy another circle of silence, stories and listening, what we globally call Awakin Circles. Awakin is a combination of Awakening and Kin! :). Every circle is a unique manifestation of collective wisdom and last one in Burgos was one of those where the wealth of stories became really apparent. Few stories impacted me so I wanted to share them with you here as well! Reading of the week was about the idea of neighbor, and although it didn’t resonate with everyone, it generated space for brilliant stories and reflections. Vicky opened the circle with a story of this Christmas. She spent few days with her family in northern England and her mother spoke to her about her neighbor downstairs, a very solitary woman, sad and quite disagreeable. Most of the neighbors have had some kind of clash with her. In those circumstances, Vicky ... Read Full Story

Micro Moment Of Love In Burgos' Heart March!

Oct 07, 2018, 5 comments, 13 smiles Last weekend, noble friends from different parts of the world came together in Burgos for an Empty Hands/ ServiceSpace retreat. On Saturday night Nimo brought us so much love and kindness through his songs. But the music didn’t stop… because on Sunday afternoon, moved by music and love we did a “Marcha del Corazón” (Heart March), inspired by others around the world. With a drumming group (from Madrid) and the music of Empty Hands we filled the streets of Burgos with happiness, music, smiles, dance and trucks of hugs. With Lorenzo sharing a lot of free hugs with the sound of music. It was very funny! Lorenzo is an Italian boy that i met in Burgos, but we live in Italy very near (coincidences, I doubt it!). A lot of people are very grateful, especially one lady. She told us in the first moments, “Thank you”, and then, “What is your organization?” We ... Read Full Story