About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... It's full of amazing people I met at the mediation in Santa Clara

A good day to me is when ... I am the most consciously aware I can be

My hero in life is ...So many individuals

My favorite book is ...The Surrender Experiment

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The opportunity to serve myself while serving others everyday

Blended Awareness

Oct 17, 2019, 2 comments, 9 smiles [My sharing at last night's Awakin Circle on Blended Awareness.] I've been thinking about how there's always a different perspective. A few days ago I was talking with my grandmother and I asked her, "Do you not wear glasses anymore grandma?" more like, why don't you wear glasses? She said, "Oh yeah, I got this eye surgery and I can see really clearly." I was like, wow. I wear contacts and I hate when my vision is blurry too. I would think that everyone would hate blurry vision. But then, in this reading, Monet puts on a different twist to it. There's always a different perspective to everything. Even something as fundamental as blurry vision. This morning I was talking to my parents about how suffering comes from resistance. It is only when you resist something that you suffer. It's not fundamental. If my mental mapping of what reality doesn't line up what ... Read Full Story

Defining Radical Generosity

Jul 30, 2018, 4 comments, 15 smiles Recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on how I would define "radical generosity". This is what came up: Radical generosity (siddhi level): Generosity that comes from someone whose heart is so full of love that they simply don't know anything that isn't love. They see know no separation from themselves and another. He who is radically generous knows that when he gives to another he is simply giving to himself and is therefore constantly giving to others as an expression of how much loves himself. Radical generosity (gift level): Giving that is unprompted as one feels an overflowing of energy and decides to share that with others. It is the threshold level of energy in which one no longer feels a need to direct their energy towards self-preservation/fulfillment and can redirects awareness towards the service of others. It is the dawning awareness that we aren't ‘alone in a selfish world’ and ... Read Full Story

Celebrating A Birthday At USC!

Apr 10, 2018, 9 comments, 26 smiles Two years ago, my friend and I were living in our fraternity house at USC. With his birthday quickly approaching he came to me with an unusual request, instead of receiving presents and getting drunk (like most every other 21 year old in a fraternity would) he wanted to do ‘random acts of kindness’ instead. I was struck with such an idea and I asked him what exactly had overcome him to have such a novel idea. He told me about a TED talk he had watched by Nipun on designing for generosity which had inspired him. I was impressed. Giving instead of taking for your birthday -- now that was different. I told him I’d be glad to help him out with the random acts of kindness so we started planning out creative things we could do. #1 Hot Chocolate Security: If you’ve heard of USC, you’ve probably also heard it’s ... Read Full Story