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Pandemic Blessings

Oct 15, 2020, 7 smiles Manila, Philippines. Vicente is our neighbor, he has a poultry farm. He said he had a lot of broken eggs that were being thrown away, and did we have any use for them. Since they were broken, he put them in plastic bags and scrambled them, so that they would be easy to freeze. He asked us, his neighbors, if we wanted to use them. Some of our neighbors used them for baking. I knew my sister and some friends were doing feeding programs for the underprivileged. So we connected Vicente and my sister, and friends...and voila. Vicente gives us 400 frozen eggs a week. And we make breakfast. Then my sister met another man who also owned another poultry farm, and she asked him if he had broken eggs in his poultry. So he began giving 600 eggs a week. We found other donors for the meat, rice, and somehow we have been able to feed so many people weekly. Children, adults, front-liners...Blessings! The pandemic has many blessings! Here is a picture of the frozen eggs.

Taking Care Of Ourselves Happily

Apr 16, 2020, 2 comments, 10 smiles I live in Manila, and I have a friend, a fellow teacher, who lives in Lombardi, northern Italy, the ground zero, of the covid virus in Europe. My friend teaches dance, English, and Spanish. I have her permission to share a letter of one of their parents. Good evening:) once again I would like to say massive thank you to you and to all the teachers for all you are doing in these difficult circumstances. You help us parents enormously to keep our children mentally healthy and stimulated in these drastic conditions. I can only imagine that it’s not easy as it it never was in your “job description “ ...:) so once again big thank. It’s not crucial for me that you teach one more thing academically ...and this is why: Just by showing up, by checking in, by caring enough to do this freaking IMPOSSIBLE job - you've already taught ... Read Full Story

One Year After Gandhi 3.0

Jan 09, 2019, 15 comments, 24 smiles Mabuhay! Wishing you life fullness. Has it only been a year since Gandhi 3.0 in Ahmedabad? I cannot write about the unique changes without being lost in the many beautiful expressions that confront my heart. Gandhi 3.0 introduced me to ServiceSpace and Moved by Love. The change since then is indescribable. I heard ServiceSpace is a process. It feels more like a drug, a panacea, with intermittent doses through the year. The “S” in ServiceSpace is “Source”, the shift since Gandhi 3.0 is inside. Stories: “Cultivating Kindness ” After I showed our sisters in prison the pictures of the environment in Banyan Grove, they wanted to do the same, to create the same kindness ambiance in prison. We provided them string, markers, and colored card stock paper, and they hung more than 200 love signs around their dormitories. Some of them sleep on the floor due to overcrowding. It became so popular that the hearts were even ... Read Full Story

Inspiring Link

Jul 31, 2018, 10 smiles Entheos Retreat, in Manila. Kindness activity and silence.

Manila Update: Many Ripples From Your Seeds!

Jul 14, 2018, 5 comments, 20 smiles Dearest Family, We have been writing you many times in our heart. A few stories to share. En Theos We did two En theos retreats ! En theos means “in God” and it is also the root word for enthusiasm. We held circle for 40 people, and began to practice a culture of kindness outside school walls. We did this by enabling “invisible service” and “silent service” for each other. Each day, we took some 25 people to wrap and package lunch in banana leaves, and gifts for street people, and we took a van to the streets to distribute lunches, sandwiches, and gifts of love. We served 190 meals each day (380 meals in total of 2 days). We hugged the police men, the street vendors, construction workers, and anyone who would accept our love. One mother, Nati, had 5 children, the youngest a 3 month old baby was sleeping in a cardboard box ... Read Full Story

Inspiring Link

Apr 05, 2018, 4 smiles How theater acting gave me a sense of calm We all find inner peace in different places. In my case, I found the opportunity to cultivate inner peace and to renew the spiritual side of me in an acting workshop.