About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I believe in contributing to build social capital, by various means and service space is a great initiative in this direction...

A good day to me is when ... everyday is a good day

My hero in life is ...every person has the potential to be a Hero and heroine in this vast screen of life

My favorite book is ...Not one but many, Any thing on self development and its connection to the larger world

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Everything that I I receive on everyday basis and my life on this earth

Reflections On “Maitri In Matrutva”- Vadodara

May 12, 2020, 8 smiles “Mummy you are a fairy” I said . My mother laughed like tinkling bells. “I am serious mother, you know everything. “My child, I try to answer as best as I can When you grow older, you will not need me”, she said. No, Mom, “I will always need you and nothing can change that”, I said. her words echo in my heart as I look at the blue sky: “Dear daughter, nothing remains the same, except the vast blue sky”. It has been ten years since I lost my fairy. “Mom, you were wrong about one thing, I still need you. A story by Saman Rahman, Peshawar, Pakistan What a memorable evening it was on May 8th 2020- when we came together for our Virtual Circle to share and witness our own stories of The Great Mother, that force in us and all around us in many forms and in many ... Read Full Story