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I'm joining Service Space because ... I can draw near to Noble Friends

A good day to me is when ... a still mind can be in service

My hero in life is ...anyone who embodies wisdom & compassion

My favorite book is ...Highway Dharma Letters : Two Buddhist Pilgrims Write to Their Teacher

One thing I'm grateful for is ... unconditioned goodness

Humble Spiritual Activism In Times Of Confinement

Mar 21, 2020, 8 comments, 18 smiles [ For those who, like me, are afraid to stay at home. :) ] The morning after the containment's decision in France, I received a poster made by a monk. It shows a meditator sitting alone with his shadow reflecting the form of a Buddha, the expression of the full potential of any living being. The monk titled the poster “Vows.” It was a very timely gift as it made me reflected: “Jasky, what could be your vows for the next weeks, the next months in containment? What could be your resolutions at home? If you don’t reflect on them now, you will regret, because you know yourself too much from your past experiences: you will easily slack off. Your apartment is a place of many distractions (internet, TV, sofa, fridge, games...), where you have built so many bad habits (by over-surfing, over-sleeping, over-eating, over-stimulating, over-dreaming...) there.” Indeed, for ten years, whenever ... Read Full Story

"China In Silence" -- A Letter From February

Mar 15, 2020, 3 comments, 9 smiles [A text I received last month that I thought you may enjoy reading. --Jasky] 「靜靜的中國」 作者:石梁 “China in Silence” by Shi Liang, early February 2020 喧囂的中國終於靜下來了,躁動的社會終於靜下來了,焦躁的國人也漸漸地靜下來了。 The hustle and bustle in China finally quietened down. The restless society finally also calmed down. The restless people in the country too gradually fell silent. 曾被人類關在籠子裡的野生動物,終於成功地將人類也關在了「籠子」裡,這就叫「多行不義,必自斃。」這就是「天道輪廻」。 The wildlife which were caged have finally succeeded in caging humans. This is known as “Rampant vicious acts will come around”. Such a phenomenon is the Law of natural justice or karma. 人類終於低下了那顆驕傲的頭,開始靜靜地思考:我們還是地球之王嗎?人類終於又一次深切地感受到了大自然的威力。 Humans finally have to bow their proud heads and ponder in silence: Are humans the king of the planet? Humans finally have to submit to the awe of the nature. 人類在面對死亡的威脅時,才開始認真地反思,才知道缺乏敬畏的社會氛圍是會導致更多的傷害,是會面臨更多風險的。 Facing the threat of death, humans began to reflect and realized that the lack of due respect and fear will end up with more harm and danger. 貪婪的心正在被病毒淨化,愛吃的嘴也正在被病毒懲罰,一天到晚泡在燈紅酒綠場所的人已被病毒趕回家,流連忘返在牌桌上、酒桌上和賭場裡的人也主動回了家。 The greedy hearts are cleansed by the pandemic, the gluttonous mouths are punished, and the fun seekers ... Read Full Story

Our First Retreat In Paris!

Jul 21, 2019, 1 comments, 23 smiles Dear Noble Friends, I want to express my gratitude on behalf of our fabulous French gang for your inspiration! We had a wonderful one-day retreat yesterday! Even this morning, when I woke, I still can't believe that happened. It felt as if were supported by ”invisible hands” to make this day so special for many of the participants! One thing that contains all the magic of the day for me was the weather. All week the meteo forecast said that it's going to rain on Saturday. Even in the morning, the sky was dark. But we decide to trust the serendipity. And all day we had the perfect weather: not hot, not cold. It didn’t rain until we do the Dedication of Merits at the end! It was like the sweet dew of Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Here's some photos :)) With big hugs !

Building Bridges Retreat: Oliver's Reflections

Jun 27, 2019, 8 smiles [A good friend of mine, Oliver, spontaneously decided to join me from Paris for a 4-day trip to London to reconnect with Nipun and Jin-Wei at a One-Day Retreat, a public talk and an Awakin Circle and shared these reflections below from his experience after attending the one-day retreat. It is candidly written as a letter to himself about the day, informing himself about what he could anticipate after he actually experienced the retreat :)] Dear Me before the retreat day, On that day, you participated in your first retreat day with ServiceSpace. You subscribed to the event after a spontaneous decision, when your friend Jasky introduced you the topic. You don’t know it yet, but you will see, this day will be astonishing. As everyday, you will meet wonderful people and you will put a stone forward in the path of your life. On this letter to you, I will tell ... Read Full Story

First Karma Kitchen In Warsaw!

Oct 15, 2018, 13 smiles What a gift to be at the second Karma Kitchen in Poland! One year after our amazing KK in Krakow, Nipun came back to Poland offering his support in Warsaw. Even before the Opening Circle, the volunteers’ enthusiasm can be felt. As we entered the restaurant we already found Isabella vacuuming and welcoming us with her wide smile - which stays on her face all day long. :) As the restaurant opened up, the spirit of generosity was contagious -- Iwona being unstoppable, serving in her big-hearted way, Halinka welcoming all our guest with joy, Maja orchestrating the coffee and drinks (lemonade-cucumber!), Victoria showing great sense of care in everything she did, Natallia quietly filling all the gaps, Piotr offering his stillness and being like an anchor for many of us, Nithy being the maestro of the day, saving all the orders on computer in Polish (he doesn’t even speak Polish!), Edwin ... Read Full Story