About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... the hope to cultivate compassion and wisdom, and the affinity with noble friends

A good day to me is when ... everyday is a good day; and when my actions, words and thoughts are true and good.

My hero in life is ...the universe

My favorite book is ...High Way Dharma Letter

One thing I'm grateful for is ... this life

Priyanka In College!

Oct 26, 2017, 5 smiles Many years ago, Priyanka's life was changed by some teachers who introduced her to theatre. Coming from a very difficult background and living an impoverished neighborhood, she still exceled in arts -- and now, she's on a full scholarship at F&M in the US, where Nimo introduced me to her! And she's just been an angel here, spreading lots of love, kindness, smiles, inspirations and arts. She was featured on BBC today.

Nimo's Visit To Franklin & Marshall College

Oct 08, 2017, 6 comments, 17 smiles Today, dear Nimo came to visit our college, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. I first heard about Nimo in January from Rev. Heng Sure's Impression From Gandhi 3.0 about how thoughtful Nimo prepares smoothies for him. Back in March when I stayed at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas--a monastery in Northern California, I met dear Zilong who just finished the first year of his biking pilgrimage around the world for spiritual and ecological awakening of our time. Right after I left the monastery, Zilong shared that Nimo came to the girls school in the monastery and spread love and music. I was so moved by Nimo's energy so I started listening to his music. Until this August, on the eve of ServiceSpace's community night, Anne asked me about which college I attend. I replied: "Franklin & Marshall in Pennsylvania". She then revealed to me with such excitement ... Read Full Story

Reflections From My ServiceSpace Summer Internship

Aug 13, 2017, 9 smiles The nine-week ServiceSpace summer internship has been one of the most beautiful parts of my journey. Although it had ended, I know that it is just the beginning of everything further and deeper. As my internship project, I talked with noble friends from our ecosystem and wrote this article for DailyGood. Thank you All for being a part of our expanded family. Deeply grateful for all the affinities, our mentors and the wonderful team. With love and gratitude, Sophie ------- Let Compassion Heal Us--An Intern Explores Our Relationship To Suffering (Picture taken in Buddha Root Farm, 2017)