About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... it is an inspiration, a shift to more fulfillment in life, it is meaningful and allows inner growth.

A good day to me is when ... I get the opportunity to serve and when I am able to put a smile on someone's face

My hero in life is ...Sr. Lucy Kurien, the founder and director of MAHER

My favorite book is ...The Heartfulness Way (Heart-Based Meditation for Spiritual Transformation) by Kamlesh D.Patel

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The health of my family and friends

Nipun's Talk In Vienna: Cultivating Compassion

Mar 15, 2020, 3 comments, 17 smiles If you'd like a respite from Coronavirus news, :) here is a January talk by Nipun to couple hundred educators at University of Vienna -- that was very well received, and is creating many ripples. Despite having just landed in Vienna that day, he showed no signs of jet-lag on his favorite topic of "Cultivating Compassion Quotient". :)

21 Day Kindness Challenge At Maher!

May 17, 2019, 2 comments, 11 smiles Inspired by KindSpring, I introduced the 21 Day Kindness Challenge to the children of Maher, a home for neglected children, street-children and orphans in India. 150 children and their house mothers participated in this. The first week was dedicated to create a sense of awareness of acts of kindness we do anyway... kindness towards myself, kindness towards other people, our environment, kindness towards animals and nature in general. Every house (20 children) got one book and was asked to write down acts of kindness they did themselves or they observed others to do. They could also comment on writings of their peers. At the assembly of all houses at the end of the week they shared their writings and thoughts about this challenge. Also shy children were encouraged to speak in front of a big audience and their empowerment was almost touchable. The second and third week the children were asked ... Read Full Story

OOOM's Top 100 Of 2018 -- Four From SSp Community!

Dec 16, 2018, 3 comments, 29 smiles I just bought the magazine OOOM -- and they have just published their 100 most inspiring people of 2018! And I saw Nipun's mention on the cover, next to Lady Gaga's photo! How fantastic! Among the hundred are Nipun, Masami Saionji, Sister Lucy, and Otto Scharmer! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How fantastic! There are Nobel Prize winners, politicians, artists, scientists, everyday heroes, actors and actresses, architects, reporters --- you name it, so many different categories of important inspirational people in the world -- how hard the ranking must have been! When Nipun visited Vienna two months ago, by stroke of serendipity, I was at one of his lunch meetings with Georg and Christina Kindel. They casually asked Nipun for names of inspiring people from our ecosystem, but then they named him as well! Talk about a ripple. :) The article about Nipun is really amazing! The journalist, Gabriella, was also at our lunch and she mentioned how she had left the building but then got mysteriously pulled in for the closing keynote at BOKU -- and that's how she was introduced to ServiceSpace! See below for the German article (and we'll try to do a translation soon).

Awakin Amsterdam Begins!

Oct 24, 2018, 9 smiles So excited to receive this email from Carolyn about the start of Awakin Amsterdam! A beautiful ripple from our first Karma Kitchen in Vienna. In december 2017 maakte ik kennis met de Awakin Circle tijdens mijn verblijf in Auroville - India. Elke woensdag vond er eentje plaats in het guesthouse waar ik verbleef. Daarna heb ik in april 2018 een Awakin Cirkle in Wenen én de 1e Awakin Circle in Eisenstadt bijgewoond, beide in Oostenrijk. Komende zondag verwelkomen Alma Gall en ik je voor de 1e Awakin Cirkel in Amsterdam. [In December 2017 I was introduced to the Awakin Circle during my stay in Auroville - India. Every Wednesday there was one in the guesthouse where I stayed. In April 2018 I attended an Awakin Cirkle in Vienna and the 1st Awakin Circle in Eisenstadt, both in Austria. This Sunday Alma Gall and I welcome you to join the 1st Awakin Circle ... Read Full Story

Third Awakin Circle In Austria Starts!

Jun 14, 2018, 1 comments, 14 smiles I just returned from the launch of our third Awakin Circle in Austria! And what a magic circle it was! Initiated by Alma and Sophie, in the center of Vienna, these youngsters holding the circle really made this shift from Me to We happen. Sophie's brief introduction to the meditation was so important, especially for people who meditated for the first time. In the second hour, Alma inspired the participants to listen empathically and to trust that the right words will appear when it is their turn to share. By the end, we were all in the flow of gratitude. By holding space for 20 people, sharing thoughts and serving a wonderful vegan dinner, a spirit of community and love came into focus. A BIG Thank you to Alma and Sophie for starting this circle. And thank you, Nipun, whose trip ripples continue on and whose spirit was very present in the circle. The magic of the circle is something we can always rely on. It happens so naturally, because, after all, we are all connected and part of something much bigger than ourselves. What a joy! P.S. Next Karma Kitchen Austria will be in Eisenstadt on August 31st!

Another Awakin Circle In Vienna!

Apr 30, 2018, 1 comments, 12 smiles Last year, in September 2017, when Nipun was visiting, Awakin circles started in Vienna. Over the months, we continued the circle every other Tuesday -- although the momentum of the circles did drop. Just when it felt like we needed some inspiration to steer the circles towards its true essence, we had the Nipun's presence again last week! On Wednesday 25th April, close to forty people came together and the same magic transpired, the wisdom was flowing that Nipun keeps spreading wherever he goes, and his unconditional love touched us all. We even had a little angel named Ashima magically land from Romania, and bring great light to our circle: Sitting in silence for one hour was a new idea, and a challenging one, for many friends who meditated for the first time, but in the hour of sharing, they were truly touched by the acceptance, gratefulness, and love they felt. Franz, ... Read Full Story